by Fans_12, November 12, 2018

Seo Shin Ae has been eating the competition alive on screen since she was about seven years old. I miss seeing her on the small screen. If you've never seen her (as a seven-year-old) in 2007's drama, 'Thank You', do yourself a favor and seek this classic drama out. Her talent as an actress will blow you away...

A Really Promising Actress Seo Shin Ae!

Thank You (2007)

In Thank You 2007, which is Seo Shin Ae's first drama, she plays out of the box: a child who is smart, cute and lovely with HIV. She was really really ADORABLE. Whenever she had an emotional scene she does it so well, I can't help but cry. She stole my heart with her performance in this drama and also stole many other viewers' HEART. She was that good! I could not believe this was her debut drama because she carried a huge load in this drama with many lines and a lot of emotional scenes and did so brilliantly.

High Kick Through The Roof (2009)

In High Kick, Seo Shin Ae plays Shin Shin Ae, who has boundless energy and a close-knit loving relationship with her older sister. With her cuteness, she portrays Shin Shin Ae in a very realistic way, and made the character very charming. For a child actress, I'm sure it's very challenging to portray a character for 126 episodes, but she did it very well, she delivered her lines very naturally.


Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child (2010)

In this one forget about the cute Seo Shin Ae. She plays the villain, Yoon Cho Ok, the sick daughter of a noble family that was born on the same night and in the same city as the gumiho girl. Her performance as Yoon Cho Ok gives me chills throughout the drama. When I was watching the drama, I hated her character so much. Now, I realize she is a very OUTSTANDING actress! From cute to evil, she's very talented! She also plays Yeon Yi for a while when Kim Yoo Jung's character, Yeon Yi dies and her soul enters the body of Cho Ok. I am also amazed by how she switched from Cho Ok to Yeon Yi. Even in the way she walks, you can see if she is Yeon-yi or not.

The Queen Classroom (2013)

In this drama, Seo Shin Ae plays Eun Bo Mi, a quiet, awkward and lonely student. She makes her character very realistic by carrying emotional heavy lifting in this drama. There is this scene where she had to cry, I was very amazed by her eyes' acting, her eyes were all red as if she was really crying. I was marveled at her range, especially how well she turned on a dime when she went from victim to bully.

" I Hope Seo Shin Ae comes back to Korean drama with an adult role. "

This is all. If you don't know who Seo Shin Ae is, please make sure to check her out by watching her dramas. She is a really amazing actress! I highly recommend all four dramas above, if you haven't watch it, please do watch it. And please, comment.