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Stage Name: D.O.
Native Name:  Do Kyung Soo, 도경수
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
January 12, 1993
Age: 25
Height: 5'8", 173cm
Profession: Singer, Actor
Skill: Singing, Acting, Dancing, Putting Screen Protectors on Phones
Interests:  Baking, Eating, Watching Films
Future Aspirations: Becoming a Self Sufficient Farmer in the Countryside (this is not a joke)

While a great many know Do Kyung Soo by his stage name, D.O., one of the main vocalists in the popular South Korean-Chinese boy group “EXO,” I discovered him after watching the film My Annoying Brother, nearly two years ago. Knowing nothing of his already established fame outside of acting, I decided to watch the film on a whim. I had read a few positive reviews on this website, watched the movie’s quick “upbeat” trailer, and from what I could gather, it seemed like a fun, lighthearted film focusing on themes of brotherly love and the sport, Judo. Certainly, this was something I could unwind to and use as a way to ease the build-up of stress after another long day.



A little way into the film and I soon realized I was in for a lot more than a few chuckles and a healthy dose of wholesome bromance.  Conveniently, I realized after finishing the film I’d missed the “tragedy” tag.

Film finish, screen is long black, it was only then that I was able to see my own reflection and began to address just how effective the film had been at reducing me to a snotty mess. (Sorry for that visual) Swimming in a sea of my own tears, I was captivated. Who was this Do Kyung Soo, and why had I never heard of him? His acting was calculated, delicate and thoughtful. There was the finest attention to detail in his performance, and even without dialogue, so many emotions were portrayed behind the slightest shift in the face and those BIG, expressive eyes. I thought, “Now, this is a promising young actor. How refreshing.” So you can imagine the dramatic jaw-dropping moment I had when I quickly learned he was not only an excellent actor… But an idol? And not only that but an idol in one of the most popular K-pop groups to the date.

Immediately, I needed to know more. What other acting projects was he in? Apparently, he sings? OH, AND HE SINGS WELL. And just like that, as quickly as I’d found him, I’d fallen in love with his acting, his singing, and his dedication to the pursuit of both… And yeah, alright, him in general.


Do Kyung Soo: IDOL… and actor?

Release date: November 2014

Do Kyung Soo arrived on the acting scene in 2014’s Cart where he played a troubled high school student and son of a mother, tirelessly working to make ends meet as a cashier at a large discount retail store. The movie depicts the true story and events of injustice these workers met at the hands of greedy employers. While the film was met with mixed reviews, there was no question regarding the quality of performance from the entire cast. Suddenly, people were turning heads. No longer was Do Kyung Soo just an idol, but an actor, and a good one at that. For his role in Cart, he earned a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor award at the 52nd Grand Bell Awards. Do Kyung Soo also had the opportunity to sing the film’s OST “Crying Out”.



Ranked #1 among idol actors

Release date: July- September 2014

Do Kyung Soo’s debut to the small screen took place around the same time with his supporting role as Han King Woo, a cheerful high school student and aspiring author in the psychological rom-com drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love.” Acting alongside names like Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, and Lee Kwang Soo, it’s no surprise the show went on to become one of the top-rated dramas of 2014. This was the role that really captured the interest of not only new fans but also critics. For this performance, Kyung Soo was nominated for the Best New Actor and Popularity awards at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards. Not only this but in 2015 it was revealed that Do Kyung Soo was ranked number one by critics among 40 idol-actors who participated in dramas in 2014.  


He can be creepy folks... real creepy

Release Date: June- August 2015

By 2015, there was a buzz surrounding the idol turned actor. With the release of the crime-solving melodrama “Hello Monster", fans were interested to hear Kyung Soo would be taking on the support role of psychopathic serial killer, Jun Young. And I will say… he plays the role quite convincingly. Do Kyung Soo’s cameo became quite a substantial role for the drama. His performance left strong impressions on drama viewers as his seemingly innocent facade quickly shattered between unsettling smirks and lingering stares. By now, he had built up an impressive portfolio of performances that had garnered him critical acclaim as an actor.


Time to bring out the tissues

Release Date: February 2016

By 2016 it was time for Do Kyung Soo to take on his first lead role in a movie. In the romance/melodrama “Unforgettable”, Do Kyung Soo and co-star Kim So Hyun depict the excitement and turmoil surrounding first love in the summer heat of 1991. Again with the misleading trailer and movie poster… I really need to learn to read the tags. This one is a tearjerker and left me feeling quite melancholic… so be warned. For this performance, Do Kyung Soo won the 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards as The Most Popular Actor.


I’m positive this drama will make you laugh

Please Date: October 2016

2016 also brought Do Kyung Soo’s first role in a web-drama series. Playing lead role Kim Hwan Dong, Kyung Soo depicts a struggling film student preparing a movie project for his graduation. Along the way, Hwan Dong is faced with several humorous obstacles. This was the first role Kyung Soo took on that had me laughing hard enough to fall out of my seat. Comedic timing is everything… and Kyung Soo has a knack for it. The drama intends to send a message of support to the younger generation surrounding the pursuit of dreams, big or small. If you’re a student in any capacity… you will relate to this drama. Be Positive became the second most watched web-series of 2016.

Seriously... this drama made me laugh


I ugly cried… then watched it five more times

Release Date: November, 2016

Ah… yes. I’ve addressed this one already, however it garners further attention. The film was an instant success, hitting more than 1 million views within four days of its release, and by mid-December, it had reached 3 million views. Playing the role of Ko Doo Young, a promising judo athlete who becomes involved in an accident, Do Kyung Soo acts alongside Jo Jung Suk who plays his brother, paroled from prison to take care of him. In a whirl of events, the two brothers strengthen severed bonds and learn to lean on one another once again. I get emotional even thinking about this movie… it’s honestly one of my very favorite films, and if you’re prepared for a healthy (and ugly) cry session, I highly recommend it. For his performance, Do Kyung Soo was nominated for Best New Actor at the 53rd Baeksang Arts Award and won the prestigious award for Best New Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. He also sang an emotional rendition of “Don’t Worry, My Dear”  alongside Jo Jung Suk, which really worked to increase my already steady flow of tears by the film’s end. 



A tattooed, cigarette smoking bad boy... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Release Date: November 2017

In the thriller, dark comedy “Room 7” Do Kyung Soo plays the role of Tae Jung, a poor university student on a leave of absence who works a part-time job at a DVD screening shop. Tattooed and *cough* very convincingly smoking cigarettes, this is by far one of his edgier roles. In a laughable and simultaneously unnerving turn of events, his co-star Shin Ha Kyun, playing the role of Doo Shik, and he reveal their own secrets hidden within room 7 of the rental shop. This film had me both cringing and laughing throughout. It was my first dark comedy, and I’m glad I got to enjoy a different side to Do Kyung Soo’s acting while also experiencing a new genre of film. 


The Two Worlds / The Last 49 Days

Yes, that is EXO’s D.O. Haven’t you heard, he's an actor now

Release Date: December 2017 /  August 2018

Along With The Gods is a four-part movie series showcasing the journey souls must take in the afterlife. With the aid of guardians, these souls must prove they lived a noble life while alive on Earth…. Pretty interesting, right? These blockbuster hits have earned both critical acclaims, and again, more widespread attention for Do Kyung Soo as an actor. In the two films currently released, Do Kyung Soo plays the role of a frail, faint-hearted soldier, “Private Won Dong Yeon", who becomes increasingly depressed after causing the accidental death of his fellow soldier and only friend while serving mandatory enlistment. The role was a heavy one to take on, Do Kyung Soo even noting himself that it has been his darkest role to date. Many casual viewers were as surprised, as I was initially, to learn Private Won Dong Yeon was none other than EXO’s D.O. Promised a more prominent role in the film’s third installment, I’m excited to see how Do Kyung Soo continues to tackle the challenging and emotional scenes surrounding this character.


Angsty Prince, Clueless Commoner

Release Date: September- October 2018

“100 Days My Prince” is Do Kyung Soo’s first lead role in a full-length drama. *round of applause* He plays both the role of Lee Yul, the angsty Crown Prince of Joseon and Won Deuk, an anaemic commoner. As of the writing of this article, the drama is still currently airing. Acting alongside co-star Nam Ji Hyun, the historical rom-com depicts the love story of Hong Shim and Lee Yul over the course of 100 days. Fingers crossed for a happy ending for these two lovebirds. *warily eyes the historical tag* There is no tragedy tag, so we’re safe.... right?


Looking ahead, there is still so much more in store for actor Do Kyung Soo. Between his busy schedule with EXO and his acting projects, it’s a wonder he’s able to get sleep and still function normally. (Please rest and drink some water Kyung Soo T^T) I’m truly in awe of his success and can only begin expressing how proud I am of the things he’s accomplished. I hope Do Kyung Soo continues breaking the prejudice against idol actors and earns more well-deserved recognition for his talent.

If you’ve made it this far… Thank you for taking the time to read this stalker’s guide! You deserve a trophy and a heart! I hope, through this article, you were able to learn some new things about actor Do Kyung Soo. Perhaps you’ll even check out a few of his projects...?  If you’ve watched any of his work already, please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you. 。◠‿◠。


Before we part ways, here are the many sides to Do Kyung Soo: Idol, Actor…  and Human Marshmallow?

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