by Kairi of the Sky, April 17, 2020


In the midst of the chaos that we experienced this month due to the COVID19, most of us were forced to be locked in for almost a month in our home. I hope you are doing well, guys! If we look at the bright side, we have more time to watch new dramas or pick something from our TBW list. Since the quarantine has almost finished (for me), I compiled dramas that I finished, re-watched, and dropped.

I think I watched only a few because 45 percent of my time was spent sleeping, (I took advantage to get a lot of sleep), 5 percent to do household and stuff,  30 percent for work-at-home and 20 percent for watching... :) 


MDL Rating: 8.68

ME: 10/10

Unnatural is a case-of-the-week medical mystery show; its main theme is the change of reality brought upon by imminent death of a loved one. Mystery and exhilarating human drama unfold against the backdrop of the “unnatural death institute”, or “UDI”.

An episodic drama that shows how forensic pathologists help to solve murders while showing the life of involved people in the case. Ishihara Satomi as Mikoto really shines as a Forensic Pathologist while having a deep scar from her past but still having an optimistic side from her. 

There's no boring episode. Honestly, I got interested in the field of pathology. I will give this drama more than a 10 rating if I could.

I love love the OST. Here's the link. You can check it out.

I will re-watch this pretty soon. :)

MDL Rating: 8.6  

ME: 9.5/10

A manga adaptation of Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo. A story of rookie nurse Nanase (Kamishiraishi Mone) who met Doctor Kairi Tendo (Sato Takeru) several years ago and fell in love with him.  He gave her reason to strive to become a nurse and met him afterwards with different personality and commonly referred to as Devil at work.

I gave a 9.5 because in 1st episode you will not like Nanase but trust me, she will grow on you. All the cast played did an amazing job and also the setting in the hospital how they take care of the patient was one of the highlights of the drama.

Of course, Sato Takeru (my first drama of him) was freaking handsome and such an amazing actor as Doctor Tendo. Without a doubt, he's one of the highest-paid actors out there. Every scene, he just devours the whole screen with his charisma with those eyes and rugged look. Well on the side note I really have a thing for a tall, intelligent and serious type of guy. :)

Warning: Every ending episode will give you a wide grin, and you will sleep with a smile on your face because it was really cute, and they picked the right OST for this one. One of my favourite OSTs ever.

Here is the link for OST:

This is so cute guys! Get ready to fall in love with Sensei. :) 

MDL Rating: Rurouni Kenshin: 8.7        Kyoto Inferno:8.8       The Legend Ends: 8.9

ME: Perfect 10/10 in every movie

I would like to say sorry Samurai gods because I put these amazing trilogy on hold for a very long time. A live-action of one of my favourite anime, called Samurai X, and the best live-action that has ever existed. Portrayed by one of the finest actors in Japan, our beloved Sato Takeru.  

Superb acting and the fighting scene was beyond perfect. He did his own stunts and got the humour just like in anime version and really felt this connection from him, the heavy burdened as the legendary Battousai to simply Kenshin, the wanderer.

It was outstanding as it was very loyal to its original story. The setting, the characters (shout out to Saito, Sojiro and Shishio) and you will never find the fighting scene as good as this one. Every detail, every angle. It's just perfect.  

Good news fellow samurai fans. The Rurouni Kenshin: The Final and Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning will be released this year. Yay!

Here is the live-action opening song if you want to check: Enjoy!

I watched it twice already. Yep. Pretty addicted to Takeru Satoh right now so here's the next one.

MDL Rating: 8.1

ME: 9.0/10

Another live-action movie called Ajin: Demi-Human. A story of a people that became demi-humans or immortal humans. It was a story of dealing with the government and the Coup d' état of Ajin that was tortured and experimented for a very long time.

Actually, I don't have high hopes of this one because I don't like the anime version, but I have a fever for Takeru Satoh (Kei Nagai), so I gave this one a chance pretty much one of the best decision that I did. It was one of the great action movies out there. The animation was pretty cool, and one of the highlights is the villain Sato (Ayano Go). 

Got so much creativity on how he used the reset (meaning he killed himself and became alive again). This was an action-packed movie that you will enjoy from the start to the end.

 The soundtrack fits the whole scene and gives you the excitement that you need.

Live. Die. Live.



MDL Rating: 8.1

ME: 8/10

The story of the lives of people who work at the hospital like physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, radiologists, nurses, medical trainees and more. I re-watch this because I love the poem in each episode. And the never awkwardness of ML to his colleagues. It's so funny. :)


MDL Rating: 8.2

ME: 10/10

Rich Man, Poor Woman in New York

MDL Rating: 8.2

ME: 10/10

Well, I watch my all-time favourite J-dorama when I miss Oguri Shun. I just love their interaction and the development of their relationship. It's just classic.


MDL Rating: 8.1

ME: 10/10

I just love it. The simplicity of the story and the great feeling that it portrays having someone on your side and just being there to make you feel better.  I think I watched this already for 5th time and I love the OST and the setting for each scene. I just love it.



WATCHED 7/16 episodes.

Bummer, isn't it? I don't know, but I got bored watching it. Maybe it's not my taste of drama. Do not hate me, guys :( 


WATCHED 10/20 episodes.

Maybe the reason that I dropped this is that I watched a bunch of historical dramas that have a thick plot, so I found this plot as too common, and in the end, I couldn't finish it.


WATCHED 8/48 episodes.

I was surprised that I dropped this drama because I love this kind of historical drama. Well, I will consider this to give it a try someday.

So pretty much I watched Japanese dramas for the whole quarantine.  Actually, I felt that I watched very few dramas since the urge to sleep got most of my time.  But I really did enjoy all the dramas that I watched. And it's a plus that I picked a bunch of amazing songs.

So what dramas did you finish? Let me know guys :)



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