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In this article, I will talk about a drama that I fell in love with.



Crash Landing On You or 사랑의 불시착 is a South Korean TV series directed by Lee Jung Hyo. it was broadcast on tvN and Netflix from December 14, 2019, to February 16, 2020. The number of episodes is 16  of duration 1h25min. 

Genres: military, comedy, romance, drama, political. 


Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin in role of Ri Jung Hyuk 

Ri Jung Hyuk is a qualified and devoted captain of the North Korean army, who hides and protects Se Ri after she accidentally finds herself in North Korea. As Jung Hyuk tries to help her, he falls in love with her by provoking conflicts with his sense of duty towards his country and his family. 

Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin in the role of Yoon Se Ri 

Yoon Se Ri is a south Korean businesswoman with a troubled family. She is nonetheless the heir of his father's company, she runs her own beauty and fashion company named "Se Ri's choice" with worldwide success. She accidentally finds herself in North Korea where she meets Jung Hyuk and falls in love with him.  

Kim Jung Hyun 

Kim Jung Hyun in role of Gu Seung Jun 

An intelligent, charming, but poor South Korean conman with British citizenship. After his family went bankrupt, he ingratiated himself with Se Ri's brother, Se Yung, in order to embezzle from their family's company. Se Yung attempted to organize a marriage between and Seung Jun and Se Ri, but she sensed Seung Jun 's ill intentions on their first meeting. After this rejection, Seung Jun successfully cheated a fortune from their family's company under Se Yung's watch and fled to North Korea to avoid arrest. 

Seo Ji Hye 

Seo Ji Hye in the role of Seo Dan 

A North Korean department store heiress and aspiring cellist who is also Ri Jung Hyuk 's fiancee through an affianced marriage arranged by their parents. While she has been infatuated with Jung Hyuk since they were high school classmates, he doesn't reciprocate her feelings but agrees to the betrothed marriage out of a sense of duty to his parents. 

The plot follows the story of two lovers: a  South Korean woman Yoon Se Ri and a North Korean man Ri Jung Hyuk that suddenly cross paths in North Korea where they face danger, happiness, and love. One day, while paragliding, Yoon Se Ri has an accident caused by strong winds, leading her to crash land in North Korea, where she meets Ri Jung Hyuk, a North Korean army officer, who agrees to help her return to South Korea. Over time, they fall in love, despite the divide and dispute between their respective countries. 

Personally I loved this drama, it's one of my favorite dramas.
I loved this  rom-com for these reasons:
1 -  the scenarios and the production were done well
2 -  the actors were one of the best I have ever seen, they are talented, charming and they know how to manage the scene ... it was a beautiful combination of actors.
3 -  the variation of the themes between punishment, the fact of being lost, abandoned, and between unconditional love, prohibited by law and comedy.
4 -  the story has left us impatient to discover the following events, what will happen ... this story is not like the usual and classic rom-com that we see every day, we can say that this story is out of the ordinary. It was full of love, danger, sacrifice, unexpected events.
The story makes you want to watch it again and again. 

One of the special things in this drama is the touching OST. The variation of the songs, the lyrics, the melodies and the song "Flower"  are beautiful. 

[MV] Yoon Mirae (윤미래)_ Flower [Crash Landing On You 사랑의 불시착 OST Part.2]

[MV] Here I Am Again (다시 난, 여기) - Baek Yerin (백예린) | Crash Landing on You (사랑의 불시착) OST Pt. 4

[MV] DAVICHI (다비치) - SUNSET (노을) (Crash Landing On You OST Part 3 _ 사랑의 불시착 OST Part 3)

[사랑의 불시착 OST Part 1] 10cm - 우연인 듯 운명 (But it's Destiny) MV 

WARNING: The following scenes contain MASSIVE SPOILERS OF THE ENDING OF THE SHOW. Do NOT click on them if you have NOT seen the show.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin say their last goodbyes | Crash Landing on You Ep 16 [ENG SUB]

[ENG SUB] Seung Jun Death Scene Crash Landing on You Episode 16

I chose those scenes because they're full of emotions, sincerity, and charm. Every time I watch those scenes I cry (when I wrote this part of the article I cried). They are so touching and it seems so real. It shows us the talents of the actors and their power to give a realistic effect to the scene.

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