by lo_ve, January 25, 2021

Lee Jae Wook and Park Gyu Young received a casting offer for the upcoming KBS drama entitled Dali and Gamjatang

On January 25th, a representative of the drama stated that Lee Jae Wook and Park Gyu Young will be starring in the new KBS drama. 

Agencies of both actors responded to news that both are still reviewing the offers. VAST Entertainment, Lee Jae Wook's agency shared that it is one of the projects the actor was offered. Meanwhile, Park Gyu Young's agency Saram Entertainment shared, "The actress is positively considering the casting offer". 

KBS' "Dali and Gamjatang" will tell the unexpected encounter that will turn into the romance of Jin Mu Hak and Kim Dal Li. 

If Park Gyu Young accepts the drama, she will play the role of Kim Dal Li. A researcher from Kröller-Müller Museum and will eventually be appointed as the director of Chungsong Art Museum. She is a classy and considerate character. Kim Dal Li is into art, philosophy, and religion. She is also multilingual who knows seven languages.

Jin Mu Hak (offered role for Lee Jae Wook) is a director of a spicy pork backbone stew (gamjatang) restaurant. He's the director of the company even though he's not the brainy type and also did not excel in school. Their family strives hard to make their small gamjatang restaurant into a global food corporation named DonDon F&B. 

The two characters will encounter each other as Jin Mu Hak tries to steal an art piece from the museum Park Gyu Young works at.

"Dali and Gamjatang" will be directed by Lee Jung Sub and will be written by Son Eun Hye (Witch's Love.) 

Lee Jae Wook last starred in the 2020 drama "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol" with Go Ah Ra. Park Gyu Young on the other hand, was most recently in the hit Netflix original series "Sweet Home"  alongside Song Kang


Do you agree with the casting of the main leads for the upcoming drama?