by Cherrybb, January 14, 2021

Top 6 K-drama Bosses

Following the hype around Start-Up and fangirling on Kim Seon Ho (Fangirl along with me at Following Kim Seon Ho)got me to think a lot about how there are various kinds of bosses that we come around in real life and also in the drama world. Keeping the negative vibe bosses aside, this post is to appreciate all those cool and flexible bosses who are always backing their employees and subordinates.  

This holiday season, here’s a post for all those great bosses and dramas to check out!

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Misaeng: Incomplete Life 

One of the best drama around, and the best office drama till now. Jang Gue Rae would not have realized his full potential if it had not been for Oh Sang Sik. Supportive when needed, scolding when required, the all-time teacher mentor, made Jang Gue Rae step outside his comfort zone and have the best second go at life.


No not “Ajhumma”, as though her awesome character, she was quite a difficult boss! Here the best boss was none other than Jang Byung Hee (Yeong Shin’s Boss) in the newspaper company. He supported his employees all the time, doted on the “new trainee” (i.e. Healer) and was ready to risk his company for being a true news reporter. Absolutely the best boss around.

Oh My Ghostess

The high-stress job of working in the kitchen of a top restaurant makes it worth it when you have a boss as determined as Kang Seon Woo. At one hand, he is holding the fort at his restaurant and on the other hand, he is promoting his restaurant and himself at Real Variety Shows. Preparing his employee's lunch/dinner, giving them enough space to try out a new menu and always making sure no one can misbehave with his employees. Best Boss, isn’t it?

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Here, Park Bo Young works as a personal bodyguard for Park Hyun Shik, isn’t that the best boss already? With his cute antics and wanting to be the protective one, he forms the best boss-employee relationship, and that develops to an even sweeter love story! Watch out for the sweetest boss.

Chicago Typewriter

Apart from the three main leads, the character I loved the most in the series is Gal Ji Seok, Han Se Joo’s boss in the Publishing Company. He handled Han Se Joo’s all kinds of antics and mood swings but still kept up with him. Matching to his request, encouraging him to keep on writing and handling every issue arriving. More than a boss, he was almost like a brother to Han Se Joo. Absolutely the Cool boss!

Do give the dramas a watch for their great stories and awesome characters, like me you would also come to adore these wonderful Bosses!

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