by Thoughts of Tani, June 7, 2021

The wonderful world of Korean dramas where there is something for everyone to enjoy! Don't we all just love to be a part of it?

But sometimes, more often than I would like to imagine, we tend to overlook or miss out on dramas that might have had the same potential as the more popular ones out there. This tends to happen due to a lack of proper promotion or misunderstood synopsis.

Given that so many dramas come out every season, this is understandable on the viewers' part. But worry not!  Being a sucker for hidden gems in the K-drama world, I am always on the lookout for such dramas.

So today I would like to talk about five recent hidden gems that definitely deserve the attention of all you Korean drama lovers out there!

5. Move to Heaven (2021)

Move to Heaven tells a story about an autistic boy named Geu Roo and his father who runs a professional trauma cleaning company named Move to Heaven. But after Geu Roo's father suddenly passes away he is left with his uncle who was recently released from prison, Sang Kang. Sang Kang becomes Geu Roo's guardian. Now Geu Roo, along with Sang Kang and Geu Roo's childhood friend, try to run the company together.


The synopsis really captures what the story is about. Yeah, they run a company, called Move to Heaven, that cleans the houses of the deceased. But after watching this series I can surely say that there is more to the series than just that. For me, the series is more about family, human values, and the society that we live in.

The series not only introduced me to professional trauma cleaners I never knew existed, but also showed how important it is to care about the stories of the deceased who have left the world of the living.

The way that Geu Roo, being autistic, feels about of the unfulfilled dreams and desires of each of the deceased is endearing and inspiring, and shows us that even when we are able to process emotions normally, we lack so much as humans.

And lastly, this dramas leaves you feeling warm inside, making you understand that how important it is to empathize with each other in both life and in death as a family, community, and society.

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It is a healing drama with a digestible ten episodes which you can watch right now on Netflix. In these difficult times, it is a must watch from my side. ;)

4. Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (2019)

Lightening up the mood a little bit, we have a historical comedy. Going way back in time to the Joseon era, we have an agency that specializes in matchmaking. Yes, you read that right! >.<

The agency comprises of three handsome men who have their own set of looks and charms to offer, and together they are known as Flower Crew. All was well until one day, an ordinary country blacksmith, Lee Soo, is made the king of Joseon, and is now supposed to marry a noblewoman. Having loved a girl named Gae Ddong, the new king hires our Flower Crew to transform Gae Ddong into a noblewoman ready to become his bride.

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It is a beautiful work of fiction that is filled with both hilarious and romantic moments sprinkled with unpredictable and predictable revelations here and there. But key element that makes this series worthwhile is its characters, both in the way they are written and portrayed by our talented cast. I found every character well cast, especially Kim Min-Jae, who, in my opinion, is made for historical roles. I mean just look at him in those traditional robes.

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I rarely watch historical dramas, but I highly recommend this to drama watchers who mostly shy away from this genre. I am almost certain you will like it!

3. Class Of Lies (2019)

Now let us make things a little intense. Class of Lies is a revenge story about a successful lawyer who does not play by the rules. He exposes the corruption of the education system of an elite school when he loses his case with a high school student accused of murdering another high schooler from the same school, leading our star lawyer wrongly losing his job at the law firm.

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In the first three episodes, it seems to be all normal and a typical revenge plotline where there seems to be a bad guy and a hero that has to defeat him to end the series. But as the story progresses with each episode, you start to feel what real corruption is like: there is no one bad guy. With every twist and turn, you are filled with disgust at all the characters in the school, and this makes your blood boil. This series really shows what money and power can make people do and how bad parenting affects children.

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With all the confusing reviews out there for this drama, you might still be hesitant to give this series a go. I will just say it is not a romantic or feel-good vibe kinda show. Instead, it is a raw revenge drama with great performances by the cast; Lee Jun Young really stood out for me. Just give it a go!

2. A Piece Of Your Mind (2020)

Easily one of my favourite Korean dramas in the healing drama category, is this highly underrated feel-good romantic drama A Piece of Your Mind, a love story between a level-headed A.I. innovator and a classical music recording engineer in the commonplace. And I say commonplace because there is no grand entry or destined meeting or any grand proposal in the drama. It is a very grounded, real kind of love with a sprinkle of friction added to it. With all the typical K-drama romances, I think this drama is refreshing. :)


Just like in One Spring Night and Something in the Rain, Jung Hae‑In truly shines with this kind of storyline. Mesmerized by the harmony of breathtaking visuals and the soundtrack of the series complementing the emotions expressed by both our leads perfectly, really kept me wanting to watch more of it.

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Both our leads are shown having gone through some hardships in the past, which is relatable and not something that can only happen in the drama world, and this makes us feel close to the characters and root for their happiness. Having said that, the feel-good element of the drama is the best part that makes it a must-watch from my end.

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1. Imitation (2021)

Now I would like to talk about a rather recent drama which is currently airing, Imitation, which  tells the story of four individuals in the K-pop industry. Having hardly any proper information online and a trailer that made this drama look like a variety show, I went into the drama with no expectations. But to my surprise, I found it to be a pearl in the ocean!


We all love the K-pop industry for its good-looking boys and girls who are both hardworking and talented, inspiring us and entertaining us with their captivating choreography and catchy music. But we cannot deny that in all the glitz and glam, there is a dark side to the K-pop industry that needs to be talked about. This K-drama not only captures the innocent dreams of the youth trying to make it big in the K-pop world, but also the struggles that come with it. Imitation does not shy away from the shady and toxic sides of K-pop. which is important to talk about, while also giving us all the hope and positivity we love about it.


That being said, the only complaint I have is only one episode is released every week, and this is just not enough for me, especially when I already seem to have the second lead syndrome. I mean, just look at him! >.<Jeong Yun Ho/ ATEEZ(Source:

So that's it for my very first article. Hope you liked it! Did you find something that caught your attention? Or have you already watched the dramas mentioned above? Let me know in the comment section below. Until next time.  Annyeong! :)