by chishiya, January 13, 2021

Part 5 is here, baby.

I find it hard to believe that it's already been more than a year ever since I began this collection of articles!

I love finding new and exciting dramas every day, and sometimes when I see that there are very few people who are talking about a drama I adored, it undoubtedly makes me feel bad and anxious. I hope many of you, readers, found many favourite dramas from my lists, so here I am, back with the last article in the series. Here are 4 more dramas I think deserve a whole lot of love and appreciation that they got!

A remake of the same-named 2013 BBC series, Mistress, depicts a mystery story revolving around four female friends that hide scandalous secrets. It all happens when one of them begins to receive suspicious calls from an unknown number. 

Mistress is not your usual K-drama and, as it aired on OCN, it is an intriguing ride and each episode has something new to surprise the viewers. It may not be everyone's cup of tea as it does include a bit of sexual content. However, the plot is not something you should be missing out on. The cinematography is a plus point too.   

Moon Ha Won, an AI Intelligence programmer, creates an AI technology to store important and beautiful memories, and he decides to base it upon his first love, as it was a misunderstanding that had separated them. Meanwhile, through various incidents, recording engineer Han Seo Woo gets involved in the story of Ha Won and his first love, while also developing an unrequited crush that she least expected.

 A Piece of Your Mind is a beautifully crafted drama, directed and made in such a way that it is bound to give you a warm and delicate feeling throughout. It is definitely slow-paced and many will find themselves to be bored with it, but if you make it to the end, you will instantly miss the feeling this drama conveyed. It's unfortunate, though, that you will find it a bit rushed at the end as it was shortened to 12 episodes hence serving an abrupt ending. However, it's still very much worth your time.

Yoo Ryung is a cop who always manages to create trouble due to her rash decision making and actions. She then meets Go Ji Seok, a police station chief who tries to avoid cases. The two then team up to solve crime cases, while Go Ji Seok struggles to clean up the troubles Yoo Ryung causes.

There's a lot more to the plot than what I wrote since I admit that I don't rock at writing summaries, but this was a fun drama to watch. It's quite light-hearted and funny, so if you're looking for a crime mystery drama with a good scoop of romance, then this is definitely it.

Set in the late 1970s, teenager Lee Jung Hee finds rivalry in the new transfer student Park Hye Joo, who comes from Seoul. Although their relationship begins with jealousy and drama, the two eventually grow a bond of friendship while finding love at the same time.

Girls' Generation 1979 gave me Reply 1988 feels for sure, with its 1970s setting and its warm feels of friendship and family. I love that it's mostly woman-centered, and portrays each female character's growth and overcoming of the problems they face in their lives. This is definitely it if you're perhaps looking for something heartwarming and short in size as well.

Which of these dramas have you added to your PTW list and what dramas do you find to be underappreciated? Comment down below!

Until next time, loves!

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