by Ceki, May 19, 2018

Hello everyone!

Here's the list of the most anticipated Asian films of 2018 and a few interesting titles that I've picked out myself. As always, be aware of the fact that unless you plan on watching some of these in cinemas, we won't be able to get them subbed for 6+ months after the release. But that doesn't mean we can't anticipate and put them on our watch lists, right? So here we go!

I excluded most manga and webtoon adaptations on purpose because there's already an article about them, for the updated list click HERE. Also, check out the most anticipated Asian films of 2017! Most of them are now available for streaming.

NOTE: This article does not guarantee accuracy since any info regarding these films can change in the future. The synopsises have been taken from MDL.


After Love is a love story about a widower who starts searching for his wife's first love.

Tonight, At Romance Theater is a fantasy love story about a man who falls for a heroine who literally jumps out of the black and white movie screen.

Colours of Wind follows a man who searches for his late love's identical twin in Hokkaido. 

Till the End of the World revolves around an arrogant millionaire and a self-contained female scientist who find love while they are caught in a snowstorm for 75 days.

50th First Kiss is based on the 2004 U.S. film of the same title. The lovers begin a romance; however, as the result of an accident, she suffers from amnesia and her memory gets reset every night. He has to woo her every day as she keeps forgetting him. 

Just Live, Love is about a hikikomori whose boyfriend's ex-girlfriend suddenly appears and schemes to break them apart.

Brother of the Year is a romantic comedy about a brother who sets on a mission of sabotaging each one of his sister's potential love interests.

Never Not Love You follows a couple whose relationship gets into trouble when one of them leaves their career in order to support the other one.

Be With You is the touching story of a wife who promises her family to go back to them one year after she passed away. She fulfills her promise, but at what cost?

Shadowing Your Heart tells of the romance between a talented violinist and an interior designer. The pair gets married almost immediately after meeting each other, though they soon find out that passionate romance isn’t enough to keep a marriage going.

Sleeping or Waking is about a woman whose boyfriend disappears only to return with a completely different personality and another name.

The Wedding is about Lia Marquez, who is about to get married to Philip Cordero. Their relationship becomes complicated when her ex and greatest love returns home and becomes desperate to win her back.


Monster Hunt 2 is the sequel to the popular Chinese film about a world where monsters and humans coexist. 

The Monkey King 3 is the sequel to the action fantasy franchise based on the classic novel "Journey to the West" by Wu Cheng'en.

Laplace's Witch follows a series of mysterious murders and a woman who seems to be able to predict natural phenomena in advance. Is she a witch?


A Forest of Wool and Steel is about a high school student called Tomura Naoki who develops a passion for playing the piano.

Wretches portrays the extreme bullying at a high school and the students who stand up against it.

Original Sin is about the complicated relationship between a man who has lost everything so he resents God and a nun who has given up everything in order to serve that same God.


Evil and The Mask is about a son who kills his father in order to protect his little sister and then goes through a transformation in order to protect her from outside the family.

Seven Years of Night is about a remote village in which a girl gets murdered and her father begins his own search for the killer.

Last Winter, We Parted is about a reportage writer who begins research on a murdered blind woman and eventually puts his own and his fiancee's life in danger.


Antigone retells a classic Greek tragedy which examines the lives of King Yong and his family as they attempt to flee to Japan.

The Princess and the Matchmaker is about a love story between a princess and a diviner who is supposed to find the perfect husband for her.

Genghis Khan is a fantasy interpretation of the legend of the Mongol King.


When I Get Home, My Wife Always Pretends to be Dead is a comedy about a wife who trolls her husband every night he returns from work - by pretending to be dead.

Nomitori Samurai is a comedy about a samurai who is forced to take on the job of a male prostitute.

Over Drive is an action film about hot car racers. 

Call Boy is another sexy flick about a male prostitute.

Sunny is a remake of the popular Korean film that follows four girlfriends who form a club called SUNNY.

Punk Samurai Slash Down is a historical fantasy about a group of samurai and the wars among their clans.

Which 2018 Asian films are you looking forward to?