by lo_ve, March 9, 2021

2PM's Lee Jun Ho  and actress Lee Se Young have been offered the main lead roles for upcoming drama "Red Sleeves"!

On March 9, media outlets reported that the comeback drama of Lee Jun Ho may be the upcoming MBC series "Red Sleeves" together with actress Lee Se Young. 

Their agencies both released a statement regarding their casting offers. Lee Jun Ho's agency JYP Entertainment stated that the idol actor is positively considering the offer to be the main lead of the said drama. Lee Se Young's agency Prain TPC also confirmed that the actress received the offer and she's currently reviewing it. 

Upcoming drama "Red Sleeves" will be helmed by director Jung Ji In who also worked on the drama "Radiant Office". The script will be written by "The Emperor: Owner of the Mask" writer.

2PM's Lee Jun Ho is currently serving his military duty. He is expected to be discharged on March 20. If he confirms his casting for "Red Sleeves", this will be his first ever project after his military service. Aside from being active as a 2PM member, Lee Jun Ho is also pursuing his acting career. He last appeared in the 2019 drama "Confession" with Yoo Jae Myung. He also starred in dramas like "Wok of Love", "Chief Kim", "Uncontrollably Fond", and more. 

In 2021, it is also expected that his k-pop group 2PM will return to promotions as a group. 

Actress Lee Se Young on the other hand was part of the 2020 drama "Kairos" together with Shin Sung Rok and Ahn Bo Hyun. She also starred in several dramas such as "Memorist", "Doctor John", "The Crowned Clown", "A Korean Odyssey" and more. 

"Red Sleeves" is expected to air sometime in September.


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