by Drama_woman, July 15, 2017

CW: The Bride of Habaek (2017)


Why does blue hair, in particular, just looks so good? Gods, humans. I know I need to see more.

Focusing in on the story, what’s not to love about a god entering the human realm in the quest to gain more power and be distracted along the way. I mean, cars, phones, bicycles that ride on two wheels? Outrageous.


First off, this is based on the manhwa, also called Bride of the Water God, by Yun Mi Kyung. But that’s not what drew me in. I might have a different experience watching this drama because I can’t compare it to the manhwa. I’m sure there’s plenty of characters and moments fans will be waiting for. I’m just going along for the ride.

So, the ride thus far:


What an awesome map. There’s a clear goal. There’s a map. It’s in the world of humans, but no need to go to classes or learn about them until you’re there right? Well, the high priests think it’ll be fine. At least, the god himself thinks it’ll be a breeze. No need to linger. Taking your time? Emotional journey? Learn about other people? Pah.


There’s some weird red water flowing which apparently marks the start of this search, and it’s got a grand prize at the end: emperor of the gods. I mean, when you live like this:


It should feel natural to get everything easily. But take away the servants? Put him into the real world with no change of attitude? Well, that’s where So-Ah (Shin Se Kyung) comes in. A non-believer. Any normal human’s reaction?


She’s seen it all and has patients like him, day in and day out. A magnet for the crazy and delusional, you could say. Thank goodness she’s not left alone with them all. We have her co-worker, sane person, good for the world that’s full of the irrational, though he does cut her off even when the irrational is the truth and he thinks she’s going crazy. Oh, the irony.


And for our god of water, he decides taking a servant into the world of the humans would be like taking an encyclopaedia or dictionary. Someone that can navigate it for him so he doesn’t need to study up. Ever taken a dictionary into an exam you haven’t studied for? Well, me neither. I’m still certain he’s making things worse. But it’s interesting to see him clinging to his ways despite things going wrong.


I mean, even within the first episode, he’s disrobed a few times. So yes. I do miss his hair though. I’m looking forward to any scenes with the world of the gods. It might just be me, but who wouldn’t want to be in that world when everyone looks so unique?


This epilogue is also promising so much! It’s nice to see them being watched over, even if anyone other than the High Priest is like us and curiously unaware! After all, what is fate? Can it be beaten? Surely if it could be beaten, a god would be the one, right? Or maybe not. It’ll be interesting to see what’s set out in the cards already for them, and how they face it. I know I’m on their side already. Wow, things are going really badly. There’s only up from here, right?


What are your thoughts on this drama so far?

Thanks for reading!