by Drama_woman, July 4, 2017

What does it mean to be human? It’s the answer to this question that every “monster” seeks. So here’s the good, the bad, and the unexpected.

What prompted all this? Well, first up there’s the currently airing:


Frankenstein no Koi (2017)


As the name suggests, Frankenstein’s monster is on the loose. Well, if you call self-confined in a forest loose. In a quest to build a family, or just create the impossible, a professor creates this “Frankenstein” but passes away, leaving the creation on his own. The loneliness of this is perfectly captured as he craves but fears contact with the outside world. Our leading lady is the one to bring him out of the forest and into civilization.

The twist: He actually lives because of the power of mushrooms. Actual mushrooms.


Also, if you’ve never come into contact with civilization, everything’s going to be a challenge, including riding a bicycle for the first time! Throw in a twist with the past and our leading lady’s resemblance to someone 120 years ago, and a university group of scientists that are honestly the most supportive human beings ever.


If you’re up for something light-hearted but deals so well with answering what it means to be human, give this a go! It’s currently got 5 episodes out but we’ll be on the lookout for more. I know I am!

Or, if you’re up for a movie, try this:

A Werewolf Boy (2012)


I honestly went in with no expectations, and it blew me away. Depictions of werewolves in western dramas and movies are completely different. The acting was simply so believable, and the leads are both actors I look out for in other dramas because I’m know anything else they’ll be in will be great.

If you believe in werewolves or take a more realistic approach, you’ll still be enthralled with the wild child that is our main lead character. His curiosity and genuine reactions are incredibly refreshing. You know when plot within a plot within a secret gets to you and you want something straightforward? Go for it. It’s hilarious but possibly the only way to bring our main female character out of her head and focus on something else. She even buys a book about raising dogs because he acts so wild. Her techniques work, and he’s fairly well-trained in no time. Smash face into food at dinner? That’s now a no. Knowing the word “wait” and waiting, perfect. If only we could all live this honestly.


The Twist: Not to give anything away but, it's as the title mentions. Cough *werewolf boy* cough. Or is he? Pondering on how this child survives in the wild by himself was a leading factor that made me watch this. So give in to curiosity. ^^


Playing games around the house had simply spectacular visuals. It was great to see the kids interact without the need for words because he was flailing so much with so many new things. Baths! Eating food and not demolishing everything. Trust! It was nice to get away from everything serious and see them at their young age. The countryside is beautiful.

Demon Girl (2016)


Apart from the amazing visuals, I was drawn in because the main character is the Demon Girl. However, she didn’t know this until it was crunch time! Getting the backstory out of the way is the focus of the first part. I felt I was waiting for the bits I really wanted to watch later on, but it drew me in regardless. It’s a crazy storyline set in the past, with demons mixed in! How would you react if you found out, only as your world was crashing down (metaphorically: everything that could go wrong did go wrong) and suddenly this strength comes over you? If only!


Our main love interest actually had me very confused because I could see how much our main girl loved him. However he was very human, and in this world that means fragile. We see in the backstory her parents' love for one another, demon girl and human guy. Then we see everything starting to go downhill for them, but not their love. It was honestly so strong that it could be the calm before the storm to hold everything together. Trust, belief, family and friendship. So what could go wrong this time? Well. You’ll have to see to believe.


Twist: I actually rooted for the second main lead! Aren’t we all guilty? But he was just so captivating. He could rename the drama: Demon Boy. If you’ve lived your whole life as a demon, actual demon and everything that happens is taken as just the way things are, then you threw in human morals, where would that leave you? Where did this lead him? Well, for one, to confusion. I mean, human morals are great, but aren’t there always those that ignore them and are worse than evil?


Our Demon Boy goes after them and doesn’t hold back. There were times that I really understood why the main girl would stop him, but after seeing everything they did, you do want to take his side. Revenge; punishment; especially when people throw around lines like this to him: 'I just want to take you back to do some research.' It’s just satisfying to watch, but not very moral. Especially when people are being killed all over the place. The moral strength she has to overcome and hold him back? Applaudable. Then questionable. I mean, so much crap happens to them that something’s got to give.


Also, I absolutely loved the beginning. Amazing scenes and a really interesting way to go through a description of the world, and how demons are placed within it. It’s like a legend, knowing that they exist but not being sure what’s embellished and what is real. So when you scream “demon” you’re actually going to be put in an asylum or be the town crazy. Sucks when you know you’re right, but that doesn’t justify cruelty.


So these are my recommendations. Does it help in our quest to know what is it to be human? Who knows? Are you going to binge watch these dramas or go for the movie? I hope so! I certainly was captivated. It's interesting for me to see someone’s morals pointed to their actions in relation to others. So the “monster” was more honest in their emotions is a plus, but learning what is right and wrong, then reacting? That was where I found what it is to be a “monster.” The twist? The true monster wasn’t them at all.