by HappySqueak, June 9, 2017

Currently Watching: Fight For My Way 

Best Friends to Lovers: These dramas are simply awesome! Maybe this type of romance can feel more realistic as opposed to the Cinderella Trope dramas we are used to in which a rich prince meets a sassy poor girl. Luv those, too! But a ‘Just Friends’ concept is a fun dynamic for a change.

In Fight For My Way, we get a glimpse into the shared childhood of the leads. Then we meet them again as young adults, still as close as before.

To the viewers' delight, Fight For My Way dives instantly into the lives of our main leads: Ko Dong Man played by Park Seo Joon who is a trained fighter, and Choi Ae Ra played by Kim Ji Won who dreams of a job in broadcasting. 




In addition to the main leads' story, there is an interesting side story line about their closest friends, who I am also really rooting for. Let's hope for a successful relationship and happy ending for that pairing as well.

The drama showcases the current hardships and unexpected day to day circumstances of our leads and really tests them individually. However, you can feel that through their resilient support of each other they can make it through anything. Just because they have each other.


And while they aren’t quite living in the same house, being neighbors directly across the street subtly touches in on that theme, with them being so familiar with each other's spaces.


Um hi...


And when you can fart freely around your friends with no awkwardness, you’ve got it all! 


And also to set down your relationship goals in advance!



These two leads have an extremely likable chemistry, they compliment each other so well,
you would think they were a real couple. The complications of their friendship might be coming to an end so to speak, as they are slowly noticing each other as man and woman. There is a little predictability with how things will turn out.


Through the flirting, jabs and playful banter between these two, this drama contains fluffy drama gold that will make you smile when you see these two on screen together.


This is certainly the summer of strong female leads who can pack a punch. It’s almost as though your average sassy girl who can speak her mind has been upgraded and taken to a whole new level of  ‘I can take care of myself’ - strong female leads! Another example for this is Lee Shi Young in the currently airing Lookout aka The Guardians

Ae Ra can certainly stand up for herself here!


These girls present admirable leading female characters that will definitely set the bar high for other upcoming dramas.

How are you enjoying Fight For My Way? Let us know!