by Shojoshit, May 6, 2017

Most of the Korean dramas we watch have at least one antagonist. While some villains are not that bad, some are just downright evil and a pain in the ass. Within the large category of villains, there are many, many types. So I chose the 7 most used villains for this article.

Note: I used random gifs therefore the people in the gifs have nothing to do with the titles. It's because I wanted my post to be without any spoilers.            

If you want K-drama recommendations for the types, message me.

1. The hot villain you secretly root for

Okay, but why are most psychotic serial killers in crime K-dramas so freaking hot? Like how about you change your profession to modeling or something? It's a waste for them to be behind bars. And honestly, if such a serial killer ever kidnaps me, I wouldn't know whether to be happy or unhappy.  When the main lead cries over the death of his loved ones, I can't help but feel guilty for fangirling over the villain. I mean THAT FACE!! I even start to worry about his safety, to the extent where I start getting mad at the main leads for trying to catch and hurt him.

2. The "Shut Up and Take My Money" villain

Some rich villains think they can do everything if they have the money. For example, those mother-in-laws who think that if they give the female lead money she will give up on their son. Excuse me but how about you use that money for a plane ticket to WHO CARES WHERE JUST DISAPPEAR AND LEAVE MY OTP ALONE. I don't even understand why mothers think they can choose their son's future wife. Just let your son choose smfh. The hilarious thing is that when the female lead declines the money, the future Mother-In-Laws think that she needs more money... Maybe, just maybe, she loves your son for who he is and not for his money?

3. The villain who can't accept that their love is one-sided


They are the most annoying villains. Is it really so difficult to understand that the person you love, isn't interested in you? Are you blind or why can't you see their overwhelming chemistry? Okay, I can accept if you try to stay close to your loved one to change their mind, but manipulating and hating on the person they love is rather immature, don't you think? But what pisses me off the most is when the male lead doesn't even realize that his female friend is two-faced and rude to the person he loves. Sometimes, he even takes his female friend's side and just tells the female lead to stop being jealous. I wish I could just enter the screen and show the male lead the screenshots of his female friend's betrayal!

4. The villain you can't take seriously

Then there are those villains who are just too stupid and fail at whatever they are trying to accomplish. They are clumsy, hilarious and you can't even see them as villains. I really like those kind of villains since they don't really get between our main leads and are just there for comedy relief.

5. The smart villain

The smart villain are one of the most dangerous because, well, they are smart as hell. It will take the main lead at least 8 episodes to even find something about them. However, even then, the villain will be able to turn this something into nothing at all and laugh at the main leads attempt to catch him. But honestly, the main leads make it easy for them since they often act really clumsy and talk about important stuff in a loud voice. What I like about those villains is that they think about their every move and keep letting the main leads fall into their traps. They also know how to use people to do their dirty work to keep their own hands clean. You will mainly find the smart villains in business drama.

6. The villain you feel sympathy for

Urrg, I hate feeling sympathy for villians because then I feel like crying everytime they are on screen. Those people had a dark past and because of their pain they turned into a villain. If only someone helped them back then, they would have been able to lead a happy life. But alas, they had no one to steer them away from this path.. Most of the time, they just want to be understood and get attention. That's why they do all those bad things. It's just a cry for help. *sobs*

7.  The "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" villain

Wait, you mean the cute oppa from next door is a serial killer? Hahaha. Awh c'mon, stop lying. And that's exactly what a "Sheep in Wolf's clothing" villain is. They act all innocent and nice but are actually just faking everything. No one suspects them even though they are very close. And even if they start suspecting them, they manage to draw the attention onto someone else. It's scary how they can hide their intentions and totally fool you. Most of the time, they are the main lead's best friend or someone close to them. That's why I've started to suspect every nice character and every friend of the main leads in every crime drama.

8. The villain who makes you scream out of frustration

Sometimes, I just want to drop a drama because the villain makes my blood boil. Everytime you think they will finally get their ass kicked, they manage to get away without even get a scratch. They have no hint of  a conscience and drive you insane. They are simply evil and selfish. But what pisses me off the most, is that they show their evil faces to everyone but no one does anything about it because the guy is powerful . They have influence everywhere so it's left for the main leads to catch them. Therefore, we always have to wait until the last episode to see them get their ass kicked... but it still feels unsatifisying because you want to see a truck run over them multiple times because of how much you hate them. You felt pain throughout the whole drama so what do you mean he is just going to jail?

9. The evil family member

Step-sister/mother? More like Step-SATAN. Just how could their mother/father remarry such trash? Then at least buy your child a house so they can live on their own. Step-satans in K-dramas are really cruel towards the main lead and make them suffer through many hardships. But the step-satans even go so far as trying to take the love interest away from them, putting them in a truck so they go somewhere far away, or bully them proudly at school. How disgusting! Like it or not, you are family now. Then there is also the evil father or the sibling who is a serial killer. The main lead needs to stop them even though it breaks their heart. Well you can't choose your family, right? It's pretty heartbreaking seeing the main leads fighting against their own family members and their conflicted feelings.

10.  The "I Truly Think You Need Some Help" villain

The psychotic serial killers who cut their victims into many pieces or kidnap little kids and keep them as pets... Like, are you okay? Maybe you need to see a doctor because I'm pretty sure your head ain't alright.        And most of the time, their motives are just so illogical with absolutely no benefits. You just sit there like, "Did you really have to do that?" Or when they have the weird hobby of collecting pieces from the corpses like hair or eyes... Just stop, please stop. To top it off, they have a disturbing smile or laugh. Creepy af.

Thanks for reading! This is my first article and was pretty fun to do. 

I will try to do more in the future (^___^)