by zia, April 30, 2017

OCN has been stepping up their game since 2016 with their thriller/action themed dramas. I've watched some of them and believe me, they are totally worth watching. This article will give you 6 dramas to watch if you're wondering what drama to watch next. Just a disclaimer: This list might be biased since these are the only OCN dramas that I've watched til now. Don't worry, I'm on my way to watch the others.

Fun fact: Accoring to various sources, OCN has 31 dramas in total. 

#1 Missing Noir M


This drama has only 10 episodes and is definitely worth watching. This was probably my first ever OCN drama thanks to Jo Bo Ah, since she's one of my favorite actresses. This drama is about Gil Soo Hyun, who decided to return to Korea to join the missing people task force that was formed to solve cases. The reason why he agreed to join the task force is a mystery to all, that's why you should all watch it and find out. Although this drama had low ratings(in Korea), those who watched it loved it very much. It's even gotten an 8.5 on MDL. 

#2 38 Task Force


This drama had a lot more familiar faces than Missing Noir M. One thing you should know is: You definitely do not want to mess with this squad or else they'll flip your life. If you're a fan of Girl's Generation, well you should definitely watch this to support Sooyoung. This drama is about collecting the taxes from people but some rich ass people do not want to pay their taxes and tends to bribe the government officials just to escape their duty. But that doesn't work for Ma Dong Seok. He chases them one after the other until he gets them to pay their tax. During his journey, he meets a professional swindler named Yang Jeong Do and there they slowly form their squad.

#3 Vampire Detective


I watched this drama out of curiosity since it suddenly appeared in my suggestions while I was looking for a drama to watch. This drama was worth watching since it only has 12 episodes. Besides, how could I resist Lee Joon when he's a hot vampire here? I could donate my blood for him to survive any time. Lol kidding aside, this drama is about the life of Yoon San, who was a detective. While he was doing a case, he meets Han Gyeo Wool's brother and turned him into a vampire to save his life. Not only was he solving cases, he was also trying to find his lover whom he thought died from an accident. Slowly the pieces are being put together and he solves the case.

#4 Voice


This drama is one of a kind and probably had the highest rating in all OCN dramas. I wouldn't blame anyone if that's true because this drama is purely amazing. All 16 episodes were worth watching and I believe the people who watched it too would agree with me, somehow. Joo Hyuk was a popular detective but then his wife was killed by a murderer who also killed the father of Officer Kang Kwon Joo. These two finally decided to work with each other under one team called "Golden Time Team" to catch the murderer who killed their loved ones. Kang Kwon Joo has some special abilities to hear something an ordinary human can't hear. Spoiler: the murderer in this drama is actually a hottie and I've fallen for his charms. Ugh, why are you doing this to me? Anyway, Super Junior's Yesung is also part of this drama. Wanna know how awesome this drama is? You better watch.

#5 Tunnel


I just finished watching tvN's Tomorrow With You which is about time traveling and here comes another drama with a little bit of time traveling too. I'm glad I gave this drama a try because, in just one episode, you will get hooked and would want to watch the next episodes right away. Your mind gets blown for real in this drama. It's all about a detective named Park Kwang Ho who was trying to catch the culprit in a serial murder case in 1986. But during the chase, he suddenly ends up inside a tunnel which brings him to the future, aka the year 2017. In there, the culprit is still not found and he's doing everything to catch this culprit hoping it could make him go back to his real time.

#6 My Secret Romance


This is the first ever romantic-comedy genre OCN drama had and probably the first ever Monday-Tuesday drama since I can remember they only air during Friday and Saturday. Correct me if I'm wrong because I'm only basing it on my memory and the things I've read in the past. Anyway, this drama just recently started and based on what I know, this drama is about two strangers meeting up a lot of times and they both end up having a one night stand. But I guess it wasn't a one night stand for Cha Jin Wook, our main character here. This drama has 12 episodes only and every episode is fun to watch (according to the comments I've read while streaming). Anyway, give this a try and probably you'll get hooked with this too! Besides, Sung Hoon is a good reason enough for you to watch it anyway. *wink*

So there you have it. Again, these were the only OCN dramas that I've watched, but I believe the other dramas under this network are also lit so try them out too. Maybe if you've watched their other dramas, you could comment down below so I could discover some new ones. Thanks for reading!