by Shojoshit, April 25, 2017

Yeah yeah I know that I'm late to the party but I was just too into watching Kdramas that I missed out on such important and happy news. NAM JOO HYUK AND LEE SUNG KYUNG DATING, THAT IS.


When I started watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, I had to check like 5 times if they                             really weren't dating in real life because their chemistry in it was just too perfect.                                             It was really unbelievable for me that they were just best friends in real life. 

I swear at some point I just wanted to fly to South Korea and play matchmaker for them.                      What do you mean you are just friends? Hell no.



So after finding out that they have been dating for five months, I nearly started crying.                                 That amazing feeling when your ship starts dating in real life.


But now I'm wondering if they were actually dating during Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.                             I know it says 5 months so it means since December but maybe it's actually been longer then that? Because remember when Joo Hyuk introduced Sung Kyung as his girlfriend to the cameraman behind the scenes?

I guess it wasn't a joke but actually the real thing.


I'm just really happy and hope that they will stay together for a long time.





And I'm glad that we don't have to stalk their instagram accounts anymore to find out  if they are dating or not.