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There are minor spoilers in this article about side characters from some pretty popular dramas, such as: Reply 1988Cheese in the TrapLucky RomanceDescendants Of The SunFlower Boy Next Door, Heirs, One Percent of SomethingAnother Ms. Oh, Dream HighShopping King LouisGoblin, and Kill Me, Heal.

We all love our lead couples. And we love our Second Leads who suffer from “Never-Get-The-Girl” Syndrome. But Drama World has another great kind of relationships. The Side COUPLES - or as I like to think of them - the Kimchi Couples. I am talking about the friends of the leads who are in their own relationship that isn’t involved in the triangle (often quadrangle) that our leads are involved with.


Have you ever eaten Korean food before? If you have then you know how important the side dishes are to the meal. There is one side dish that will ALWAYS be a part of the meal, and that is kimchi. I like kimchi because it sounds weird and gross to me, but when you mix it with the rest of your food it makes the whole meal even better. Like the food, Korean dramas are known for their excellent side characters. First, I would like to mention a few couples that technically should be on this list, but won’t be because they are so great they will outshine everyone else. These are the couples that are so crucial to the story that they are more like the rice part of the meal. You can’t enjoy the meal without them. So, here are the couples that make a category of their own, called:

The "Almost Stole The Show" Couples


Goblin: Grim Reaper and Sunny (Not Sun Hee)


Descendants of the Sun: Seo Dae Yeong and Yoon Myung Ju


Without further ado, here is my official list of:

The Best Kimchi Couples

1. Reply 1988: Bo Ra and Sun Woo


These two surprised me by how cute they were together. It was the perfect Noona Romance. Was he younger and somewhat naive? Yes, but then he matured and they were still perfect for each other. Bo Ra needed someone kind and generous like Sun Woo to soften her into an approachable human being.  

2. Cheese in the Trap: Kwon Eun Taek and Jang Bo Ra


These two were just too cute! I think they are the epitome of why I like these Kimchi Couples so much… This seems like the kind of romance I would get caught up in. Falling in love with your best friend and then being too scared to accept him?  I can see that happening in reality instead of just in the Drama World.

3. Lucky Romance: Han Ryang-Ha and Lee Dal-Nim


The accidental couple. Although to be honest, I saw this one coming a mile away. Nonetheless, it was hilarious seeing them slowly come to terms with their love for each other.

4. Oh Hae Young: Lee Ji Sang and Park Soo Kyeong


I had a hard time choosing which Kimchi Couple would come first on this list. But what can I say? I am a sucker for Noona Romances. But seriously, these two were hilarious together. I loved watching them argue in French while everyone just looked on in confusion. And when they funky danced together? That was magic.  

5. Oh Hae Young: Park Hoon and Yoon Ahn Na


These two were everything that young love should be like. They were passionate and crazy about each other. They were somewhat irrational. But they were sincere in their feelings.

6. Flower Boy Next Door: Oh Dong Hoon and Webtoon Manager 

(Yes, this is sadly the only name she is given)


There are times when many of us do not look their best... Well, meet the Webtoon Manager. She has frizzy, messy hair, dark circles under her eyes, and a bad temper. But this cutie sees a fiery girl with passion. How awesome is that?

7. The Heirs: Yoon Chan Yeong and Lee Bo Na


This relationship was borderline unhealthy. Who am I kidding? It was nearly as bad as the relationship between Kim Tan and Eun Sang. Bo Na was ridiculously possessive and jealous. Lucky for her, Chan Yeong was kind of perfect. He had an endless supply of loyalty, devotion, and most importantly - patience.

8. One Percent of Something: Min Tae Ha and Jung Hyeon Jin


I want to see more of these actors in other dramas. This couple was barely introduced in like the last episode. And yet, I totally fell in love with them. They were the exact opposite of our OTP. It was especially hilarious because throughout the first 2 thirds of the drama Tae Ha was made out to be a Bad Boy... and then with Hyeon Jin, he’s is all cute and adorable and clingy.

9. Dream High: Jason and Kim Pil Sook


I loved this couple more before they became an official couple. But they were still super cute. I think Jason truly liked Pil Sook for her sweet personality.  

10. Shopping King Louis: Jo In-Sung and Baek Ma-Ri


Another couple that wasn’t officially a couple by the end of the drama. But I got definite vibes that they would eventually make it there. And they were hilarious together.

Bonus: Kill Me, Heal Me: Oh Ri On and Ahn Yo Na


Not really a couple. And not one could last without disrupting the OTP. But hilarious to watch.

Thanks for reading!

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