by zia, April 2, 2017

Watching Korean dramas is one of my favorite things to do and a sweet escape from reality. I also get ideas from them, in terms of acting and so on for my course--Theater Arts. Most Korean dramas have different types of characters and today I'll show you my top ten unforgettable characters, or the "Only One" for me.

Let's start off with...

#1 The Only F4 


Boys Over Flowers was part of my childhood memories. Besides the Taiwanese version (Meteor Garden), these guys are the most unforgettable F4 for me and they are the only F4 for me. We all came to know Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo and Gu Hye Seon as Geum Jan Di through this drama. 

#2 The Only Evil One


If you didn't know, before he became the funniest Chief Kim, Nam Gung Min was a bad boy in his past dramas like Remember: War of the Son and The Girl Who Sees Scents. If you've watched it, you'll know how evil he was and you probably won't forget the bad things he did.

#3 The Only Chief Kim


Another character played by Nam Gung Min and I cannot miss out on this one. He is now the legendary Chief Kim, who is not only funny but also very, very clever in whatever he does. In this drama, there's not an episode where you won't laugh because of his hilariousness. Truly, he's the only Chief Kim.

#4 The Only Gumiho


Mi Ho is very well known to us because of her nine tails and pretty face, as well as her obsession with "kogi" or meat. How can we ever forget this adorable character that Shin Min Ah portrayed in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho?

#5 The Only Spy


Ji Chang Wook is well-known for his action dramas. He is The Only Spy for me because of his roles in Healer and The K2. He's like the only handsome spy I could ask for to protect and save me if I were in distress. 

#6 The Only Daegu Venus


Shin Min Ah has also played the part of Daegu Venus in her previous drama, Oh My Venus, with So Ji Sub as her male lead. She also made her dimples famous in this drama, by using them as a gesture of love towards So Ji Sub's character.

#7 The Only Goblin


If you don't know who this then you better go watch Goblin right now. Gong Yoo has become famous through several dramas and movies, like Coffee Prince and Train to Busan. In his latest drama, he became the famous Goblin, whose age you don't have to ask for.

#8 The Only Grim Reaper


This is probably the only portrayal of the Grim Reaper that I could accept now. Lee Dong Wook totally raised the bar of being a Grim Reaper, as he did a very good job as this character in Goblin. You will definitely fall in love with his charms and looks.

#9 The Only "Seja Joha"/Crown Prince

Park Bo Gum literally shined in this drama and left a mark in our hearts as the "Seja Joha" or Crown Prince. He was a funny, sweet, kind, and humble Crown Prince that you would surely love, and that's what makes him different from others.

#10 The Only "Samunim"/Madam/Choi Yoo Jin

Song Yoon Ah gave an outstanding performance in her latest drama, The K2, with all her villainous acts as the main antagonist of this drama. She is very smart and clever and has plans B through Z if plan A fails. She gave all of her best throughout this drama and once you've watched it, you'll automatically remember her as the Madam, or "Samunim" right away. 

I'm pretty sure there are more that you could think of, but I'll end my list here. If I can think of 5-10 more then I'll write another one. These are the most memorable characters from the different dramas I've watched.