by Debra John, March 27, 2017

5 Reasons to Watch Imperial Doctress

1. The Cast 

You know you’re going to be thoroughly enjoying a series, especially one that’s 50 episodes long if the main cast is phenomenal. As someone who’s never watched a C-drama more than 20 episodes long, Imperial Doctress was a risk I was willing to take. I’ll watch anything with Wallace Huo! His emotional range is outstanding and really had been invested in his character. Cecilia Liu, on the other hand, blew me away with her performance, plus she has the upper hand because she’s such a pretty crier! She gives her character the right amount of eloquence. You’ll feel like a protective mother hen while blowing snot into tissues thanks to her incredible acting. 


2. Ancient Medicinal Knowledge 

Probably, what fascinated me the most in this drama was the ancient medicinal methods that had me cringing or my eyes popping out of their sockets. With anything from urine to bird poop, the drama explores some possible methods that may have been used in ancient China and set the foundation for homeopathic doctors, herbalists, and pharmacists. You go science!


3. Costumes 

Historical C-dramas have made a name for themselves for their large productions, the scenery and sets are always stunning but what makes Imperial Doctress a winner is the costumes. The royal attire and vibrancy of colours add a pleasant aesthetical quality. I found myself fangirling over Cecilia’s costumes, nearly coming to tears when a dress got ruined… nearly.



4. Unconventional Historical Heroine 

Imperial China, like most of the world, was patriarchal – it was a man’s world. Defying convention and tradition, Tan Yun Xian’s pursuit for knowledge in order to become a physician is marred with struggles. All she wants to do is help people and be a good doctor, her life goal is admirable, refreshing, and makes her a unique character for her time period. She’s no damsel in distress!


5. The Plot That Will Make You Gnash Your Teeth 

I think this was the best-worst aspect of the drama, the plot nailing how royal families are political rivals and each other’s worst enemies. It’ll have you rubbing your temples or screaming, “Say it ain’t so!” at the top of your lungs. There are a good bit of melodramatic scenarios, you know... poisoning, arranged marriages, and your typical wars. It’s a series that has everything, the good, the bad, and ugly… but mainly bad… or ugly? Let’s just say it’ll give you a lot to digest.



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