by HappySqueak, March 6, 2017

Actor Spotlight: 

Lee Yong Nyeo


Born November 30th, 1956, she is a well-known South Korean actress. Her range seems quite varied: from historical themes to present day settings. You have probably seen her pop up in a drama or film at some point.

She has been styled into numerous characters, and with her gifted acting abilities, she can really make you detest her characters but also be intrigued and moved by her performances.

Here are a couple dramas you might remember her from:

The Master's Sun (2013)


In The Master’s Sun (a fan favourite Korean drama with So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin as the main leads), Yong Nyeo portrays the creepy Mrs. Goh, a matchmaker for the deceased to help put their families at ease by pairing up the unmarried dead person’s spirit with an appropriate match.



In this episode side story, the female lead lends a hand with her keen ghost-seeing and hearing abilities so a ghost who lingered can say goodbye to the girl he loved.



Bad Guys (2014)


Here she once again channeled an ominous vibe, with her chilling manner of speaking and on-point creepy eyes. Her guest role as Hwang Gyeong Soon in Bad Guys has her as a top boss of an organized crime gang in the city which deals with the obtaining and stealing of human organs. The best way to say it: people who can’t pay back their debts are being killed off and their organs harvested for sale through a black market and underground-type network. Very ew!



And she does not disappoint in her depiction of this kind of character.



Her latest guest appearance in Voice (2017)


A thrilling crime drama, starring Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha Na as the main leads.
This drama is a little on the visually brutal side as our leads both lost family to the same violent serial killer and are currently trying to pursue him. She makes a guest appearance and is once more caught up with the wrong people, but she has a kind heart despite her circumstances. 


In Voice, she takes on the identity of a woman who has been murdered. This drastic and extremely disturbing measure is a step she takes in order to protect her mentally disabled brother. While the truth must be revealed, confusion and suspicion surround both her and her brother. As usual, Lee Yong Nyeo’s character does not disappoint - her on-screen dynamic personality is once again memorable and in your face! Her acting skills take her from a character who at first radiates with creepiness to a heartfelt and caring sister.

Voice is a thrilling crime drama! With an edgy script that really touches on darker storytelling, plot elements with violence and danger are prevalent while our leads pursue a brutal serial killer. Viewer discretion is advised.


And okay, maybe she does have a couple moments expected of her usual typecasting...Um, hello?



This lady is a seriously cool actress, and I wish I could find out more about her. If you have any dramas you enjoyed her work in, please mention them in the comments. To see more of Lee Yong Nyeo's drama work, please check out her profile page here on MDL.