by atslipinbag, February 27, 2017

Chef: Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku

I started this drama just purely for the love of Amami Yuki. She has a tendency to play strong women both outwards and inwards which I really like. And no exception, this drama does not let you down. 

Main Character - Hoshino Mitsuko


She is women of her words, goes by her own way, has a strong belief, very talented and hardworking, often not very sociable and always pushing herself to bring out the best. I love this character, she is a total attention seeker (more of a praise seeker). I feel like she is free from the negative emotions like hate and revenge. Instead, she is always striving to make the most delicious food in whatever circumstances she falls into. Her only rival is herself. Also at times, she can be dorky, quirky and even funny.

The other characters have colours of their own. Especially the school lunch staff, many of them have their own obsession making it more humorous, and sometimes relatable. Chief Araki looks cold on the outside but is kind hearted and makes a good combination with Mitsuko-san. The antagonist Shinoda Shogo does a good job every episode at giving rough balls to our Hoshino Mitsuko. Our chef tackles it with her own way and wins each time with her food.


This is a light watch, nothing serious or melodramatic or even drastic plot twists. And 45 mins per episode makes it easier to watch. This drama is inspirational to work hard and do your best, with the right amount of comedy. This drama will leave you feeling happy.

The OST of this drama has a unique Japanese retro feel to it. It compliments the drama very well and you can't help but hum along as the more you listen to it.

Of course, we need to mention the display of "saikou ni oishii " food that is so mouth watering. The only side effect that may occur is hungriness every time you watch it.

Happy watching!!

Let me know what you thought of this show!