by AnanyaS, February 26, 2017

5 (More) Things We Hate Seeing In Dramas!

We all love dramas. There is no doubting or changing that fact. But nothing in this world comes without its flaws and of course, dramas are no exception. While we may love dramas with all our hearts, these faults still make up for quite a few face-palm moments, so much so that we pray to the drama Gods that we would have to witness those moments rarely.

So here are (another) 5 things we hate to see in a drama:


There are two types of drama that are witnessed in a show. One is enjoyable and necessary for plot progression. This is the type of drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat or at least keeps you engrossed in the series. The second is the useless and frustrating type. This is the type which often makes you want to slap all the characters involved, get them all together, and just make them TALK. That is the only thing standing in the way of resolving those misunderstandings.

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Once in a while, or sometimes more often, we encounter the so-called 'noble idiots' in dramas. Gosh, these are some frustrating characters to watch. It's like a train-wreck. You don't want to look, but you can't seem to look away. You just can't understand how their minds work. You want to smack some sense into these characters, but you can't. And that can be, believe it or not, very painful.

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These second female leads are the characters that were never taught the meaning of the word 'no.' Just goes to show you should pay attention in school. When you watch them, you're often like, "Enough already! Just give it up!" but they won't listen. These witchy or bi*chy female leads won't leave the male lead alone. No matter how many times he tells her no or that he is in love with someone else, she refuses to give up. Persistence isn't the key to winning over a guy [although it may appear so in some cases *cough Itazura Na Kiss cough*] is something they don't understand.

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A smack on the back of the head, a falling object, an accident--anything and everything can lead to amnesia in dramaland. The most it can do is hinder the plot progress, especially since you have to watch the leads encounter each other and then fall in love all over again. There's just one word to explain the feeling when you realize that the writer is going to play the amnesia cliché again: Dread. And maybe frustration. And irritation. And anger.

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Remember that lesson 'Always Be Aware When Crossing The Road' that was droned into our brains by our parents and teachers when we were kids? Well, dramas should follow that advice. If you ever witness a scene with the lead crossing a road or even simply driving, there's a 95% chance that they're going to get hit. And that's in no way an exaggeration. What's even laughably fascinating is the fact that just seconds before, the road was pretty much deserted. There were no signs of any car/truck, but just like magic, it appears. Although two recent dramas deviated from this expected cliché, much to our delight, there's always a chance that you will encounter a truck of doom in a drama. That's just the way things go. One thing's for sure; no traffic laws exist in dramaland.

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Which one do you hate the most?

P.S. This is the continuation of previous article 5 Things We Hate To See In A Drama!

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