by Badass Bunny, February 24, 2017

Once again the weekend is here and for those who are not in their last year of high school, it means FREE TIME! The question is, "How should we use our free time?" and in my opinion, the best thing for the weekend is to cuddle in bed and watch Asian dramas/movies for the whole day. Some of you might have the question, ''But what should I watch?'' And that's why I am here to help you out. Get seated and put on your seat belts, because this will be a crazy ride!



Country: Japan     Year: 2014     Genre: Manga, Romance, School

The first movie on our list is Kinkyori Renai, a romantic movie about a forbidden love between a teacher and his student. Even though you might not admit it, we all have dark secrets, such as loving forbidden love stories. This movie was created based on a manga of the same name, which took over Japan like a tsunami. And in my opinion, hands down, because the main role was taken by the amazing actor - Yamashita Tomohisa. Who knew that this man was into...this kind of stuff. Anyway, we can all be glad he took the role and brought the character to life! 

Back to the plot, ladies and gentleman. This movie captures the life of a nerdy girl who looks as if she has no feelings and a teacher who seems over-confident with himself. Their lives are both affected when they start private tutoring lessons for English. Even smart students have one subject that they simply can't understand and that's the case for our main girl, but here comes our hero Yamashita to save the situation and let the private lessons bloom into something much deeper and intimate. 

If you are craving for a young and forbidden love accompanied by amazing actors and their chemistry, then this movie is just for you! Don't hesitate, just do it and watch it to feel the warmth of a blooming, innocent love story that will set a smile on your face. 

*Dear readers, do not mistake this story for Kinkyori Renai : Season Zero, which is a Japanese drama that is a prequel to this movie but truthfully does not have anything in common, so you do not have to watch it.



Country: China     Year: 2016     Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Who loves men with long hair? Raise your hands, right now! Yes, my hand flew up first, as this movie has just that! If you are not really into very mushy romantic movies, this might just be for you. This movie was released in 2016, the same time as the drama version, both based on a novel of the same name. A lot of people might be mistaken because of the poster, but no, this movie is not set in the historical era. So if you are not into historical movies, don't you worry because this is not like that. 

What makes men fall for women? Is it their appearance, figure, or their IQ? For this movie, it's neither of them. The handsome Xiao Nai (Jing Boran) fell for Bei Wei Wei (Angela Baby) only because of her fast fingers moving on top of a keyboard. A very unusual love story set in both the virtual world and the real world clashed together. Married in-game but strangers in real life... How will these two people find their way to each other in the real world? You will need to watch it to find out the ending of this sweet love story. 

This movie is recommended for people who want to see a more mature love story than a high school story. And gamers, are you out there? If yes, then you should definitely watch this movie right now, because who too might find your soulmate through one click. 

*Dear readers, Love O2O is a drama version of this movie with a different cast but is just as good as this movie. That's why if you crave for a longer story with deeper scenes, then you should watch this too! 



Country: Japan     Year: 2016     Genre: Manga, Romance

Once again, this movie is based on a manga of the same name, so if you want, be sure to check it out. Why do I so love Japanese teen movies? I honestly do not know but please bear with me and give this movie a shot. High school should be the perfect time to experience new things, meet new friends, and travel a lot, right? In this movie, it kind of crumbles down for our main girl. 

Akabane Yu (Komatsu Nana), a shy girl who never had friends, finally says goodbye to her old school and transfers to a new city far away from her old school. First time living in a dormitory, she needs to get used to rules which are set by the head of dorm Kurosaki Haruto (Nakajima Kento) aka the Devil himself. What can be more beautiful than being a slave to a handsome but evil Haruto? Of course, being a girlfriend to the campus Angel - Shirakawa Takumi (Chiba Yudai). The real struggle comes as Akabane has to choose between the uncanny combinations - Angel or Devil. Who will she love? 

This movie is recommended for people like me, who just love Japanese school movies...even though we are way too old to like this stuff. So if you are up for a love-hate relationship, two handsome leads, and a sweet, innocent romance, then this movie is FOR YOU! 

*Dear readers, this movie is a mild sequel to the drama special, Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai, so be sure to check that out first before watching this! 


I hope I helped you with picking out the sweet love stories that will warm your heart in this cold weather of February. 

If you saw these movies, be sure to drop a comment and let me know what you think of them. Were they sweet enough for you or did you hate them? I want to know, so don't be shy and tell me. Also, what other sweet love stories do you know and would like to recommend to me?