by AnanyaS, January 22, 2017

GUILTY PLEASUREsomething, such as a film, television programme, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.

With that being said, here is a list of the top 5 Kdrama guilty pleasures!

                          #5: MAKEOVERS

First on the list, we have the makeovers. This generally starts with one of our main leads being 'ugly' or 'unattractive'. But then through a miraculous personality transformation, they turn out to be total hotties! This transformation is generally done to win somebody's heart. What's funny though is the fact that these gorgeous people hide their looks beneath a messy hairdo or a few extra pounds!

WHY IS IT A GUILTY PLEASURE?  The makeover plots, more often than not, are completely ridiculous and unbelievable. Lose a few pounds and you'll turn into a hot women? Change your hairstyle and you'll turn out to be gorgeous? Yeah, right, like we haven't tried that! Nevertheless, it is one of the plot-lines that we all wish were true. It's fun to watch a lead do a complete 180 on their looks and win the (wo)man of their dreams (which may or may not be due to the transformation.)

Oh%2BMy%2BVenus%2Bbefore.png  maxresdefault.jpg

                        Oh My Venus                                                      She Was Pretty

                             #4: AMNESIA

This plot-line consists of one of the main leads, more often the male lead, losing their memories JUST around the time when they realize their love for the other lead. And then they (obviously) don't remember the other lead, but of course a while later, they fall in love with them again.

WHY IS IT A GUILTY PLEASURE? The purpose of introducing amnesia in a drama is unknown. Is it to show that they'd fall in love regardless of the circumstances? That no one can separate them, least of all, faulty memories? Putting that question aside, if the amnesia plot is introduced in a well written way, they can be pleasant to watch, sometimes even, dare I say it, funny? It gives that 'fated-love' kinda feeling. Like he-doesn't-remember-her-but-still-fell-in-love-with-her and it creates the whole 'meant-to-be' feeling. Of-course, that's selective. Not all dramas are able to generate that feeling.

18vs29ep01avi_000585852.jpg   ms-amnesia_2.jpg

                     18 Vs. 29                                                         Master's Sun


This plot-line consists of the main male/ female lead acting jealous when they see the other lead with someone else. They make sure to convey these feelings to the other party, sometimes in some over-the-top ways.

WHY IS IT A GUILTY PLEASURE? In real life, if someone behaved that way, you'd probably get fed up with them. Getting jealous because some member of opposite sex was simply talking to you, is annoying to say the least. Like, possessive much? BUT, that's not the case with Kdramas. In here, it's so fun to see the leads get jealous and possessive over their significant others. Sometimes they even give you that 'aww' feeling.

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             My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho                                                        Sassy Go Go

           #2: RICH MAN POOR WOMAN

This plot-line consist of a chaebol 'prince' falling in love with a 'poor' female lead. Through fate, they meet and fall in love. Due to their status difference, they have to overcome major obstacles, one of them being the evil mother of the male lead, who tries to separate them in every possible way.

WHY IS IT A GUILTY PLEASURE? The 'rich man poor woman' plot-line is unrealistic, to say the least. The chances of a 'poor' girl meeting a rich guy is one in a million. Don't even think about the chances of them falling in love. How about next to ZERO? Regardless of the fact though, we love to watch these dramas. There's still a part of us that believes in fairy-tales, and which fairytale is better than Cinderella? And these dramas are all Cinderellas featured in modern times. Watching them gives us a giddy feeling.

tumblr_n7u5rbvPjN1soe0sfo3_400.gif  fated-to-love-you.gif?w=670&h=395

                          Lie To Me                                                      Fated To Love You (Kdrama)


Who isn't familiar with this one? This plot-line consist of our tsundere, or more popularly known as jerk male lead, falling in love. These guys are generally the aforementioned chaebols. Female leads may vary from shy and naive, to feisty and spunky. These said male leads are arrogant and often are mean and rude to the female lead. At first the female leads ignores and despises the male lead, but then they fall in love.

WHY IS IT A GUILTY PLEASURE? If you encounter any such man in real life, you'd probably beat the hell out of him. Well, maybe not, but you'dl be tempted for sure. Then why do we love to watch them in Kdramas? First of all, it's because they're hot! All jokes aside, there's something about a stuck-up and rigid man falling in love that stirs up our hearts. Watching our normally un-bothered male lead get bothered because of a girl is cute.


8464b302a621f41c7635c64f8726b679c024f286  tumblr_mz846b2hpd1r49g89o9_400.gif

                 She Was Pretty                                                                Master's Sun

Which guilty pleasures are your favorites? If they're not on the list, make sure to mention them!