by fanitha, December 2, 2016

This article contains spoilers from Oh My Venus,  Cinderella And Four Knights, Can You Hear My Heart, Tokyo Juliet, Healer, Kill Me Heal Me, Shopping King Louis, Byakuyako, One More Happy Ending,

You've all seen the famous trope where the main leads met as children and years later, they meet again and love develops. The question is, was it meant to be? Was it fate that brought them together? Or was it simply a coincidence?

“We were fated since the beginning" - Last minute addition

In these dramas, there is never a hint that our hero and heroine had childhood crushes or some other kind of sweet past together. Instead, these dramas later tell us that the couples were fated since they were kids... and that there is an intergalactic connection between them.

Oh My Venus, Young Ho & Joo Eun


Cinderella and the Four Knights, Ji Won & Ha Won


“I had a crush in my childhood and you kind of look familiar”

These dramas are about the hero having a crush on the heroine when they met as kids, but now, years later, they meet again.They don’t recognize each other immediately but the hero has this odd feeling of familiarity with the heroine. It doesn't take long for him to put the pieces together and realize that she was his sweetheart from childhood.

Can You Hear My Heart, Dong Joo & Woo Ri


Tokyo Juliet, Ji Feng Liang & Lin Lai Sui


“I had no idea we knew each other!”

This is the case were our main couple met in their childhood, but for some reason, they don’t remember these meetings. Later, when they cross paths again as adults, they have no idea they had that connection in the past. And later on when they discover this connection, they are thrilled to know they have shared some good memories in their childhood. For me, the use of the troupe is very well done here and it really seems like fate is working to bring them together!

Healer, Jung Hoo & Young Shin


Kill Me Heal Me, Do Hyun & Ri Jin


“I met a little girl years ago, Oh! All this time it was you!”

This is the case where the leads met in their childhood, but it was very brief and they never thought much about it. Then, even though they later meet as adults they don’t recognize each other. There isn’t any connection to the past, and finally they realize that they met when they were kids.

Shopping King Louis, Louis & Bok Shil


“We meet again after all these years!”

In this category, the main leads met each other when they were kids. However, life separates them and they lost contact with one another. Several years later,  they meet again and then they recognize each other  immediately, giving time for their story to develop. This use of the trope is very natural as it gives the leads the choice on whether to continue their relationship or not, as they recognize and know who they're dealing with from the beginning.

One More Happy Ending, Soo Hyeok & Mi Mo


Byakuyako, Ryoji & Yukiho



What do you think about this trope? Is love fated to be since they met in their childhood?