by prettytin, November 27, 2016

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What was your dream job as a kid? Did you seriously pursue it, even if you may have gotten rejected here and there?

Our main character, Etsuko, is pursuing her dream to become the editor of Lassy, a fashion magazine. For seven years, she has applied to Lassy without fail. As such, she’s already known in the company.


Finally, in the seventh year, she is accepted but with one catch. She's been accepted into the proofreading department, not the editing department. The proofreading department has a reputation of being drab and boring. So why was she accepted? Her name. When you wordplay her name, it translates into the word 'proofreading.'


The proofreading department not only checks the spelling and grammar, but also does fact-finding in order to make books believable and close to reality. Even for fiction books.


Nope, proofreading is not boring. You’ll see it in each episode.


The story mostly revolves around the life of Etsuko Kono, played by the ever beautiful Ishihara Satomi. When you see her, you will think that her job is related to fashion as her clothes are flashy and stylish.


Yukito Orihara (Suda Masaki) will be introduced later on. He is a young, award winning author who is being hired by Lassy to be their model. He is on the poster of the drama, so I'm assuming that he will be playing Etsuko's love interest. Let’s see how their relationship will develop.


But in all honesty, I am shipping Etsuko with Hachiro Kaizuka (Aoki Munetaka). He is an editor in the company. Most of the books he edits are given to Etsuko to proofread. And they always bicker, as in always. Etsuko calls him Tako (octopus). The chief also see's the chemistry between them.


Toyoko Morio (Honda Tsubasa) is from the same school as Etsuko and seems to also be living Etsuko’s dream, as she is an editor at Lassy. Seshiru Imai (Adachi Rika) is a new friend of Etsuko from work. The three of them have their own clique.


The proofreading department.

 They have been dubbed as boring and serious people. It looks like Etsuko, with her fancy clothes and strong character won’t adapt with them. But with their own unique ways, they mesh well with Etsuko.


Etsuko is living in a small place above a restaurant. She’s already friends with the owner and regulars who take care of her like she’s their own daughter.


If you’re into a fun workplace drama, this is for you. Each episode is exciting and brings about something new. If you’re into stylish clothes, you might want to check out Etsuko’s various outfits.

I hope this article makes you want to see the Etsu's adventures at the proofreading department. Check it out and enjoy!