by Klaudia, September 29, 2016

Most of us had to say goodbye to summer and have already started school. So what should you do to make yourself feel better? Watch some K-dramas of course ;) However, today I'll go with recommendations for a bit of an older audience. The life of college students! 

You can find thousands of school dramas revolving around high schoolers, but why doesn't anyone remember us poor university students? Probably because we don't have time to watch them. 

Here are  5 Popular College Dramas:


Our main hero, Park Bong Pal, is a college student.  So even if it's not the main story, it's good to see a familiar environment. There's nothing cooler than attending classes accompanied by a ghost. ;)

I've only seen 8 episodes so far, but I like this drama. 



I haven't seen this one yet, but it has really good reviews, so let me ask you - is it worth watching? Let me know!

REPLY 1994


For me, it's one of the best dramas of all the time. Not only it is a story of youth, but of times I remember as a little kid (okay, I can remember a bit of the second half of 90'ties), but who doesn't love them? It's a great story of friendship, love, adolescence... and the main question is - who is going to be a husband?!



The main focus of this drama is gaming, which I'm not a big fan of (the only game I've played for a while was 'The Sims', so I hope we can count that as experience in this industry), and it gave me a few boring moments (I'm bored of watching others play games). However, watching what was going on, while at Uni, was really funny, and of course, it contains typical drama cliches that never happen in real life.



Many of you might disagree, but for me, it's the best drama of 2016 so far. Not Descendants of the Sun, not Doctors, not W. This is my pick for this year. It shows us the reality of college with some ridiculous and impossible situations. I mean - in real life you would probably not be that lucky to have even one guy approach you ;)

What are your favorite college dramas? Let me know in the comments and together we can make the second part!