by Wiam Najjar, September 23, 2016

Mr. Go


Country: South Korea     Year: 2013     Genre: Animals, Comedy, Drama

'Animals are more loyal than humans.' is a generalisation that is mostly agreed on. Maybe it's because we don’t really know what animals think, nor do we get to hear their opinions of us, that allows us to think that way. Perhaps that is why we like to have them around.

Back to the movie, Mr. Go is an adorable account of the friendship between a young girl and a gorilla. It's bizarre, but in an absolutely touching way. Set in the golf world, the film is a fun and heartwarming ride. 

 The cast does a great job, while the art director and the visual effects directors impress beyond description. It is no wonder that the art director was nominated for 2 awards and the visual effects director won 4.

The Naked Kitchenkitchen_2.jpg

Country: South Korea     Year: 2009     Genre: Drama, Food, Life, Romance

No, it is NOT a mature movie. Not in any single aspect.

Honestly, I first picked this up for the cast. Shin Min Ah with two gorgeous and absolutely great actors, Kim Tae Woo and Joo Ji Hoon. And it was a successful choice.

One can waver in life. Wavering doesn’t necessarily mean one is a bad person, instead it simply means one is human. We’re not immune to people and we cannot control our feelings. The movie traces the conflicted love-hate relationship between three people. A lovely, sweet and selfless young woman struggling between two heartthrobs who cook! One is the symbol of tenderness and loyalty, and the other can make rocks beat with love. Very interesting. Very sweet. And very funny. 

A memorable, romantic movie.

A Boy Who Went to Heavenfullsizephoto685367.jpg

Country: South Korea     Year: 2005    

Talk of originality, of jaw-dropping cuteness and of brilliant acting. When sympathy and pure love turn into connectedness, soulmates come to life. The world is not what we want it to be and difficulties drown us, but sometimes unbelievable things happen and make life worth living.

The film is not for everyone. Some people may read between the lines, digging too deeply into the film, and have the film ruined as a result.. But if the film is taken exactly for what it is, it’s very enjoyable and very beautiful.

P.S The child actor is a genius! I wonder why he isn’t active now.

Have a great weekend everyone!