by shountz, September 12, 2016

I have a confession to make...  

I have never, ever in all of my drama watching years, finished a drama over 28 episodes long. I know, I  know, I’m a chump. But I honestly think long dramas are my kryptonite. The longest drama I’ve ever watched was Gaksital (Bridal Mask) and that show was just so addictive that I didn't even pay attention to the episode count. It was also one of my earlier dramas so I just kept watching until it was done. I didn't check MDL or any other websites to see how long it was supposed to run. But yes, a measly 28 episodes is my drama episode watching record.


Gaksital...AHHH these two- the ship that never sailed 

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I don’t like longer dramas. I’ve started a few with GREAT hopes.  A prime example is Empress Ki. The show had gotten great reviews and had finished airing when I became interested in it. So my plan was to marathon at least half of it. 

I started off strong, and got to episode 7 with no problem. In fact, I was greatly enjoying it. However, life started getting in the way, so I had to pause it the drama. I updated my Currently Watching list and I just never came back to the show. Nearly a month later, I moved it to my “on hold list” aka drama purgatory. And after MONTHS of having it on my on-hold list, I had to admit defeat and add it to the unmentionables list (aka my dropped list). I was really upset with myself because it didn’t belong with the rest of my dropped dramas but I just couldn’t handle it. *sigh*

Maybe my attention span is too short; maybe I got ahead of myself and psyched myself out thinking about how much ground was left to cover.  I don’t know what the reason is, but I do know that I quit...Yes friends, I am a drama quitter. 


She's so disappointed that she can't even look at me.

Then there was Six Flying Dragons. Knowing my weakness, I eased my way in by reading the recaps on DramaBeans. But folks I couldn’t even keep up with THAT. *hangs head in drama watching shame* The recaps were great but I just gave up. I would guiltily scroll past the recaps, promising myself that I would binge read them all later...


I feel so judged... Maury, you don't know my struggles!

Most recently, my weakness showed up while I was on the hunt for a new drama. My entire 'Currently Watching' list ended within 2 weeks of each other and I was definitely going to need a new drama soon.As fate would have it, I noticed that one of my favorite actresses, Kim So Yeon, was starring in a new drama called Happy Home. OMO, OMO!! Great...Until I saw the episode count.  At 51 episodes, it was going to be my longest drama to date. Could I finally overcome my drama kryptonite?


I started the first episode....and 5 minutes in... I just couldn't do it. CURSE YOUUUUUUUUUUU! *shakes fist*

The search was still on so I decided to checkout a drama that kept popping up on all the streaming sites I used. Titled Heaven's Promise, it included revenge, switched identities (kind of like Mask), and I am most definitely a fan of all that! I likey...until I noticed one simply fact that had previously escaped me...


That certainly was not going to happen. I didn't even try to fool myself into starting the first episode.

84J7deR1_6726d6_f.jpg                O3o8yWr4_cb210a_f.jpg

So revengey, so mysterious looking, but SOO LONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!

So there you have it fellow drama watchers. It’s all out in the open. Long dramas are my kryptonite, my fatal flaw. I now make it a point to check the episode count on MDL BEFORE I even start watching any new drama.  It's unfortunate and it makes me feel like i'm not giving some really great dramas a fair chance because i'm a wimp. 

But I wanna know, am I alone in this dilemma? How do I get over this? Please help a fellow drama lover out!! 

So do you have any fatal drama weaknesses? What makes you drop a drama? See ya in the comments.  Toodles.