by Badass Bunny, August 21, 2016

In Kdramaland, there are many interesting dramas with great stories, plot twists, and much more. But which K-dramas are so good, that they should be remade in ~10 years? For once, let's forget about the old classics and instead concentrate on newer Korean dramas. In this short list, I go over three dramas that I feel deserve to be remade in the future. 

1. Healer


The number one on my TOP 3 List is definitely Healer. The whole (Kdrama) world was shook by this unique drama that looked like it was delivered from Heaven. Everything in this drama: from the actors, the costumes, and the scenes were perfect. As a result of its perfection, it might be considered a classic and thus remade in the future. A lot of people might disagree, especially since Ji Chang Wook is an amazing actor and to simply reenact the drama, would be a really hard task for new generation actors. 

Even though, I am normally not a huge fan of action dramas, Healer is the exception! It combines a lot of romance with amazing action, as well as a plot that will simply glue you to your chair. It simply won't let you go until it ends.

Since Healer has recieved amazing reviews and high ratings, I believe that in 10 years it will be added to the famous ''classic'' drama category. 

2. The Moon That Embraces The Sun


The number two pick goes to the historical (sageuk) drama called 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun'. If you are not really familiar with this drama, I really recommend checking it out because it's the best in its genre.

This drama helped jumpstart the huge Kim Soo Hyun era. The four main roles were taken by amazing actors with a ton of experience, and I wasn't disapointed in anyway. The plot is rather unique and filled with romance. There aren't a lot of saeguk dramas that show innocent, true love throughout the whole series. I think the romance is the main reason why the drama may be remade in the future. Even though it's hard to replace our main couple, many remakes do just that. I really hope that if a new remake is ever made, it will be as amazing as the original (which blew my mind from the very start)!

3. Page Turner


And the last drama that should be remade is... Page Turner. Not lot of people know about this new drama special, though it should be more well known. Some people may think that it's similiar to Nodame Cantabile based on the synopsis, but it's not. It's very different.

The main reason I chose this drama is because while it shows depression and sadness, at the same time it gives people courage and the strength to overcome life's obstacles. Since this drama is really short (3 episodes), I have really high hopes that in the future it might be remade into a full 16 episode drama. The plot has a lot of room to expand, and even add in the customary love triangle. For those of you  who love classical music, this is the jackpot! 

This article comes to end, and I have to bid my goodbye to you. I really hope that you enjoyed reading my article. What 2010+ kdramas do you want to see remade and why?