by Ceki, July 28, 2016

Summertime is in full swing! Here are 10 enjoyable and romantic Asian dramas that give off summery vibes and/or take place during the summer. If you would like to chill and relax during these unbelievably scorching summer (or winter for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere) days, check out this article because you may find your cup of tea!

Suki na Hito ga iru koto

This drama takes place at the beautiful seaside restaurant in Shonan (on the island of Enoshima in Japan). Misaki is a girl who ends up spending the summer with three talented (and very handsome) brothers at this restaurant. This is a perfect, romantic dorama with summery vibes that should hold your attention during these scorching days. I mean, I'd gladly take her place :p

Watch it if you're into: reversed harem, love rectangles, cute boys


Based on a popular manga, Sprout is about a group of high school friends and how their lives get affected when two of them start living together. The drama is quite relaxing and filled with mellow romance.

Watch it if you're into: high school romance, teen drama

At Dolphin Bay

This is a story of two childhood friends who met at an orphanage. They get separated and then meet by a twist of fate once again 20 years later. But will they be able to finally reconcile their romance or is the legend of Dolphin Bay only that - a legend?

Watch it if you're into: childhood-friends-to-lovers, love triangles, melodrama 

Love Relationship

Two childhood sweethearts reunite years after their high school graduation. They are leading separate and very different lives now. However, they still haven't forgotten about each other, mainly because they separated due to a misunderstanding and were never able to confess to each other. As a slow-paced drama with an amazing soundtrack, this dorama is a perfect choice if you're looking for something relaxing.

Watch it if you're into: childhood friends-to-lovers

Summer Nude


Don't be misled by the title because I believe there is no real nudity in this dorama lol The story is set at a seaside. It follows three different people and their intertwined lives. If you're a fan of Yamapi, then you might enjoy it.

Watch it if you're into: love triangles

What Happened in Bali

This classic drama is known as a stepping stone for some of the currently most-famous Korean actors and actresses. Packed with melodrama, mature content and complicated relationships, this summery pick is certainly worth your attention, especially if you like things intense. 

Watch it if you're into: melodrama, mature relationships

Summer Scent

The third part in the 'Four Seasons' compilation, this melodrama follows a new couple: Min Woo and Hae Won. Min Woo does not know that Hae Won received a heart transplant from Min Woo's ex lover. This drama will tug at your heartstrings, so prepare if you do decide to watch it. 

Watch it if you're into: melodrama, heart-transplant-from-an-ex

Full House

This romantic Thai drama is filled with laughter and an overload of cuteness. It is a perfect choice with summery vibes because it takes place in Thailand, which is like a country of eternal summer ;) 

Watch it if you're into: enemies-to-lovers, arranged marriages, cuteness

Taiyou no Uta


The story takes place at the seaside where Koji meets a girl who is allergic to the sun - Kaoru. Even though they cannot meet during the day, they see each other under the moonlight and soon develop feelings. 

Watch it if you're into: unique love stories, good music

37.5°C no Namida


If you're into family dramas, then this might be for you. It is about a nursery school teacher Momoko who has had trouble getting accustomed to her work. However, this changes when she gets employed by a home care service for sick children, which gives her a fresh start in life.

Watch it if you're into: family, slice of life dramas

Have you watched or started watching any of these dramas? 
What are your favorite summery dramas?
What kind of Asian dramas you like to watch during the summer?
Which dramas would you like to recommend to other fans?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! xxx