by HappySqueak, July 18, 2016

MBC's longer running drama The Dearest Lady (AKA Best Couple) is kooky enough in a fun and amusing way. Before long though, it quickly becomes an addicting side drama to follow while waiting on your favourite currently airing dramas to release episodes. The drama features several character storylines to follow, though there is a focus on fashion design as one of the driving focal points of the story. Gotta love Kdrama fashion, even if some of the supporting characters look like they are late to an Avant-Garde convention. 


I found the leading lady Han Ah Reum (played by Kang Min Kyung. Picture below)  to be unnervingly cute and not quite ajhumma level yet!  She is boisterous in a frantic but sweet way. She aspires to be a fashion designer and while she does have the talent for it, she is often met with criticism and rivalry.   



Early on, the first dash of makjang added to the pot, is her boyfriend’s father who is discovered to be in love with her mother. Being the good daughter that she is, Ah Reum neglects her own heart...and begins the slow and painful process of pulling away from her love(played by Kang Tae Oh).


Ah Reum reasons that she doesn’t love him anymore and further in, fakes that she’s with someone else.

Enter Lee Bong Gil, who just happens to be a dashingly handsome son of a wealthy family. Ok, so I’m mainly watching for Kwak Hee Sung and can’t get enough!



He plays his role very well. The two meet under typical kdrama circumstances - with a little frustration and annoyance at each other, and some kindness on his part developing as they become friends through the course of their peculiar and by chance meetings.


Rinse + Repeat:


This one definitely has second lead syndrome all over it. Both guys are evenly vying to be the one. Both present a genuine love and caring for our female lead, though the one you might feel strongly for is her first love but he and she are in an unusual predicament. And there is much regret that surfaces as past memories are recollected on.


More to the Makjang mix, our love triangle all end up working at the same place. Oh! Oh!


Slap on your crazy helmet for the family ride as the supporting cast has their own baggage piling up and everyone's issues from marriages gone wrong, affairs, secrets and past family connections come to a boil in these short 30 minute episodes.

It’s also not uncommon to fast forward to your favourite character’s storylines when following a makjang, so don't feel guilty ;)