by emanlatte, May 12, 2016

Disclaimer: This post is a spoiler free one, so don’t worry :) you can go and enjoy the drama.

Are you looking for motivation to work, study, and pursue your dreams? Then my answer is watch Page Turner NOW!!

Page Turner is a short, 3 episode youth drama that has the three essential elements for the perfect show: drama, comedy, and good-looking actors :P

The plot is relatively simple, but at the same time VERY good. It is about two teens who are pushed away from their dreams by tragedy. Will they be able to accomplish the dreams they once held or are they forever destined to a 'normal' life. 


Here are the the best things I enjoyed about Page Turner: 

1. On Point Acting Skills 


Whether it’s Kim So HyunJi Soo, or Shin Jae Ha - all of them are extremely skilled actors. I enjoyed their performances so much, that part of me wishes this drama was 16 episodes instead of only 3. Ji Soo and Shin Jae Ha played their roles well but, Kim So Hyun absolutely killed it in this drama!

2. Plot Twists


This drama special had me on the edge of my seat the entire time due to the plot twists. Although I have not watched anything else that the screenwriter Park Hye Ryun has written, this drama has now given me the confidence to go and check out her other works. 

3. The Butter of the Drama


In Arabic, we have a saying which is the 'butter of the story'. The butter (or point) of Page Turner is to "never give up on your dreams, and just give it your all."

 The three main characters were caught in terribly tragic events, and were at times tempted to give up. However... I'll let you watch the drama to see how things turned out in the end ;) 

For those of you who have watched Page Turner, what did you think? Did you enjoy it? Share your thoughts in the comment section. :)