by Ambitious_96, March 9, 2016

As everyone knows, 2015 was not the best year for dramas like the previous 2-5 years. But with the beginning of 2016, can we expect a better year? I think that I can say 'Yes!' and I think the thrill will begin shortly.

When it comes to Hollywood, trailers make the largest impact in anticipation for an upcoming show. But when it comes to Korean dramas, I think the plot is my turn-on. But since a year ago, almost no stories excited me to watch a drama, but boredom did.

I’ve been checking the upcoming dramas of this year for the past weeks, and I think that my eyes spotted some things of interest. Will you feel the same? Scroll down to know.

- Descendants of The Sun


Song Joong Ki is back from his military duty to give us a thrilling drama full of intense love. Partnering up with Song Hye Kyo from That Winter The Wind Blows, the drama began airing on the 24th of February.

Genre: Melodrama, Romance

Plot: UN peacekeeping troops are dispatched to the war-torn country of Uruk (fictional Eastern European country). Captain Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki, from Innocent Man), the team leader of the Special Warfare Command unit, meets Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo, from That Winter The Wind Blows), a volunteer doctor with Doctors Without Borders. As they work alongside each other in disaster- and disease-stricken zones, Shi Jin and Mo Yeon clash then fall in love.

Plot Feedback: Now that’s a refreshing story for a Korean drama. What can be more interesting than the team leader of Special Forces or Warfare Command unit or whatever it's called, falling for the doctor treating injured soldiers? Nah-thing. Let’s hope it’s as good as the plot and trailer are.

- Goodbye Mr. Black


Goodbye Mr. Black is based on the comic of the same name, written in the 1980s by Hwang Mi Na. The comic was inspired by the Alexandre Dumas novel, "The Count of Monte Cristo." It will be airing on the 16th of March.

Genre: Romance, Thriller

PlotLee Jin Wook's character in Goodbye Mr. Black is Cha Ji Won, a Navy Special Operations Force officer. The charming and likable Cha is betrayed by a friend and is exiled to Australia, losing everything he worked for. He wants revenge. So he enters into a fake marriage with Swan, played by Moon Chae Won (from Good Doctor/Innocent Man), to create a new false identity. Then he returns to Korea to plot his revenge. Will love overpower hate?

Plot Feedback : Who’s not interested in watching a Korean version of "The Count of Monte Cristo"? No one. Ok, maybe you are. Doesn't matter.

Getting betrayed by your loved ones, learning to love again, fake marriages, and fake identities. Wow, personally, it's got everything that grabs my attention.

- Cinderella and Four Knights


Genre: Drama, Romance

Expected release date: First half of 2016

Plot: Eun Ha Won is a college student. She is a bright girl who wants to be a veterinarian, but at home she is lonely. She is isolated from her family members. Eun Ha Won lives with her father, step-mother and step-sister after her mother died in a car accident. One day, she helps a mysterious old man. The old man suggests to her to live in a mansion and pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Soon after, she moves into the mansion and lives with three cousins Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo), Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon), Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) and their bodyguard Lee Yoon Sung (Choi Min).

Plot Feedback: Okay. Honestly, all I feel is watching a different version of Boys Over Flowers, or like lots of animes where one girl is surrounded by lots of guys. I don’t think there’s anything new to this plot, but most people have missed flower boys dramas, right?

- Uncontrollably Fond


Genre: Romance, Melodrama

Expected release: Spring 2016

Plot: Shin Joon Young and No Eul were separated as children and it's a painful memory. Kim Woo Bin will play a top actor and singer named Shin Joon Young. Shin is smart, talented and handsome. Suzy will play a documentary director named No Eul. Her character lacks the self-confidence to stand up to those who are more powerful than her. She has let money get in the way of telling the truth.

Plot Feedback: I don’t think there’s anything new to the storyline. But when you see Woo Bin’s name as a main lead, all you manage to say is: “FINALLY HE’S GETTING THE GIRL!”

The Heirs gave us a damn heartache, so what’s more pleasure to watch than Woo Bin getting the girl? Nah-thing.

Comment below which of these gained most of your attention, or if you know of an upcoming drama that you think is going to be a hit this year.