by Liz, February 1, 2016

Haven't we all watched that drama where there is always that one thing that reappears over and over again? The bittersweet moment we all might love and hate that makes you wonder if the writers for the drama ever come up with something new? 

I will today try to write the cliches I always see in dramas I watch.


Number 5: The Rich Mother that Doesn't Accept her Son's Life


Am I the only one who has been watching a drama when suddenly that one person appears, the person who always comes between the romance of the main characters and spends most of her time complaining the leading female is just "too bad" for her son, and he needs to get a "real" girl? I in one way understand that the moms worry about their children. But when their sons have found their love and they are happy with what they do, why can't they just accept it? 

Dramas this appears in: Coffee Prince and Secret Garden

Number 4: Rich Boy, Poor Girl


I have watched so many dramas where this appears and I get so annoyed each time I see it. 

1. Why does it have to be the girl who is always poor? 'Cause for me, a girl's family can be rich too. 

2. The boy is always a douche at first, but then always ends up nice because the girl says something to him. 

I know it's to make a drama interesting and to keep the drama going. But can't I have just one drama where the girl isn't poor?

Drama where this appears: Boys Over Flowers

Number 3: The Illness 


And just when the drama starts to get good and the love is blooming, and you finally think they're going to kiss, BOOM. One of the characters falls on the ground with a serious illness. Sometimes it ends up with the person forgetting their love and going back to the life they had before. Or sometimes even death occurs. 

Is it only me who gets so sad whenever this happens?  

Dramas this appears in: Fated to Love You and the jdrama Koizora

Number 2: The Love Triangle


One girl, two boys, and the girl and main guy are in love. The best friend will always be number two, yet still be in love with the main girl. The poor best friend always has to look on from behind but does his best to try and help his crush. 

Am I the only one who has ever felt bad for the best friend? I wish for a drama where the best friend gets someone too.

Dramas where this appears: To the Beautiful You and Medical Top Team

Number 1: The Gender Bend


Maybe this one wasn't that surprising to be on this list. But who still loves this in one way or another? Even if you can see the boy is a girl, you just love that this exists. I always find it so pleasurable to see how they get to know how to act, and what to do when being a guy/girl. Even how their relationships develop and how the person decides to tell is fun to watch.

Dramas this appears in: Coffee Prince and To the Beautiful You

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