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   Stalker Guide to Jo Dong Hyeok

                                   Born: December 11, 1977


I first saw him on Inspiring Generation, then when I was watching Mr. Goodbye my younger sister kept mentioning how cute she thought this guy was, so you could say my little sister is the one who peaked my interest and curiosity in this actor ;P I started watching more dramas with him in it (the first 3 by pure coincidence because he just happened to be in a drama I was watching for another actor/actress lol) after that I just knew I had to keep watching dramas with him <3 He grew on me with each new drama and now I love him! He's cute, sexy, charming, suave, strong and gorgeous <3 and I dig his voice <3 and his eyes - so emotionally moving ^^



I'll Give You the Stars and the Moon (2012)

This is my personal favorite drama of his - I loved his character SO much! I completed it in the span of 1-2 weeks, It was so good I couldn't stop watching! Him and Seo Ji Hye are my favorite couple <3 JDH's character has a lot of hurt and pain that came from his dad because his dad blamed him for what happened to Jinsu (the eldest son/Jinu (JDH)'s hyung). *the dad's favorite*. After his girlfriend leaves him because he didn't get promoted to a professorship at his hospital, he by chance meets SJH's character and through time spent together, they fall in love <3 Actually she falls for him as soon as she accidentally meets him and injures him lol ^^ *I couldn't resist re-watching this, so I am currently doing so ^_^ and I just realized it hasn't been that long since I last watched it in June - it's only November now lol - but I was craving for this one ^^*



Yaksha (2010)     

He was rugged, determined and loving in this drama ^_^ He killed for a cause, and a promise that he swore he'd keep, when he made the promise he didn't know how much would be asked of him. He later realizes he wasted his life protecting the wrong person. This drama can get a bit gory *think Ninja Assassin* but it has a great background story that delves into the characters personalities and thinking. You will be blown away by his performance - simply outstanding. *warning the first 15 minutes of the first episode is rather disgusting *talking about the scene involving the disgusting king**



Bad Guys (2014)

He plays the ex-assassin who regrets one killing and has fallen for the victims wife. He was bad-ass in this drama ^_^ It's a great action drama and the fight scenes are EPIC! I loved all of the "bad guys" lol. It's hard to dig into their characters without spoiling things - so I'll just end with saying - You NEED to watch this drama if your into action, crime, detective type dramas! Every actor brought out their best! I thoroughly enjoyed it!



Snow In August (2007)

He nailed this role! And I'd love to see him in more like it - just with a less confusing end lol. He'd tease me with his saucy looks and smiles ^_^ He was SO kind in this drama it's crazy! I'd fall for him too! He also seeks revenge on someone who made a dent in his life, and in the end you will cry with, and for him :"( His character is the next door neighbor to this ahjumma, and they also work in the same place. Through all their interactions and building of relationships, he falls in love with her - unbeknownst to him troubles are about to arise in a way he never expected and it tears him apart :"( *beware - DO NOT read spoiler's on the page - or you might miss out on a great drama!*



The Person I Love (2007)

When I was watching this drama I couldn't shake the thought from my head that this was a really well written drama! I've seen many dramas that I liked a lot, but I haven't seen one that was so well written like this one, in a LONG time (maybe it's just me who thinks this...). Besides the writing, the acting was Top-notch! Everyone delivered their emotions so well, you could feel their pain! *This drama does have an open-ending however* I was OK with the open ending for this one, cause I could decide the fate of one particular person lol *snickers evilly* (and from what I could tell, there were no plot holes). JDH plays Lee Sang Min - who I fell head over heels for! I LOVED his personality! He was like a love-struck angel sent from heaven ^_^ He was so sweet to watch, so kind and a true gentleman! ^_^



Likable or Not (2007)

He plays the ambitious somewhat of an antagonist in this drama, he gets enticed by money and power and abandons the girl he swore he'd love (Lee Young Eun) for the one who was rich (Yoo In Young). He is redeemed in the end though and he starts anew with the one he chose. ^^ I detested him for most of the drama lol - and even though he started his relationship with the new girl wrongly - I did end up shipping them together in the very end - he did some pretty horrible things to everyone in this drama. *At one point I didn't want him to have a happy ending lol*



Mr. Goodbye (2006)

I liked his role in this drama, although it can be hard to read him - I had started this drama for Ahn Jae Wook, but my younger sister is the one who kept saying that Kyle (JDH) was SO cute ^^ lol - I ended up falling for his charm too <3 But alas, he was the second lead - I liked both guys but I really had difficulty in deciding which guy I liked more :P Lee Bo Young's character kind of annoyed me - I could never understand why both of these guys liked her... what was her charm?



Young Jae's Golden Days (2005)

as Park Chan Ha (once again the second lead) :'( *He really should have been the main lead on this drama.* I loved his character and only his character lol - I found this drama to be very boring and the romance between the main couple to be very UN-believable - I could have believed in the romance if she was with Chan Ha - their scenes were great together. JDH's presence is the only light shining in this drama ^_^ I'd take him! <3 I mean who doesn't want high-school love/childhood love to win in the end? I thought his character was awesome! He really truly and sincerely liked her ^^



Brain (2011)

As Seo Joon Suk, he again plays a doctor and again as a second lead - but honestly, he was the lead in my heart - I really really liked him! I didn't like the actual "lead". I wanted him to go with the main girl - I really wanted to eliminate the other guy *so arrogant* (that's a quality I can't tolerate). His character was nice, gentle and compassionate - sure he wanted to get ahead like any other but he also didn't over-boast his abilities like the other guy did. I got through this drama purely for him ^_^



Inspiring Generation (2014)

As Shinichi (Leader of Japanese Gang) I personally really liked his scenes with Gaya - This was my official first drama of his ^^ The Sexy Swordsman ;)



Investigator Alice (2015)

As Jeong Re Oh (Alice's sunbae at work) I only watched this for JDH - he doesn't get much screen time and he looks like he is over tired, stressed, bored and hated being in every scene (like a friend said so well). I don't like web-dramas and this wasn't an exception. I only came to see JDH's face lol

He also has several guest appearances in dramas ^^ and he has several movies to his name (I'm not a movie fan - so I will rarely watch a movie (not matter what actor is in it) *I heard his are rather erotic* lol

W19wxjQ3_9f4a77_f.jpg     PLpjbz64_98282d_f.jpg

He has also appeared in a Music Video by Lee Jung Bong "Love Shalalala" ^_^


                  ^ Look at those EYES <3 ^


^ I love the picture above ^_^ It's so perfect to me, his pose, his expression, the clothes and his hairstyle <3 My Favorite picture of his :D The photo below is another favorite picture of mine <3 - He's SO gorgeous!!! ^_^


This concludes my article on the actor who deserves more LEADING roles!!! I personally would like to see at LEAST (more would be better) 3 more DRAMAS where he is the MAIN lead!!! *am I being too greedy?* Long or short *as long as it's not a web drama lol* Stay tuned for the next article coming soon!


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