by Cheer, November 8, 2015

For any of us who was caught in the web of Asian dramas, there has certainly been that drama that got us hooked and made us want to stay. Those first dramas will forever hold a special place within all of us. Therefore, for this month, we decided to highlight our first dramas.

Hessa (Approval Moderator) recommends:

My Name is Kim Sam Soon


My Name is Kim Sam Soon was not my first Asian drama per say, I remember watching SOME episodes of Jewel in the Palace and Sad Love Story. However, it is the first drama that I watched entirely; Each and every episode. I think it was around 2007-2008 that I first watched this drama and I watching it dubbed on TV. At that time, I was around 12-13 years old and the adolescent me was fascinated with Sam Soon’s baking skills and her dream of opening her own bakery. I remember finding Jin Heon (Hyun Bin) hot and charismatic (My first Korean crush). LOL! Korean dramas has started corrupting me long ago. I also remember how I hated Hee Jin (Jung Ryeo Won) for trying to steal Jin Heon from MY Sam Soon, but what’s funny is I still hate her (the character) after all those years. Remembering this makes me laugh, it feels like I have watched this years ago, even though I watched it again dubbed on TV a few years ago and re-watched properly in Korean for the third time last year. However, above all that, the most memorable thing to was the song She Is by Clazziquai. That song EVERYTHING, I still sing it even now. 

To conclude, My Name is Kim Sam Soon still hold a special spot in my heart after all those years. Seriously, this is the power of the first drama, it touches your heart deeply you cannot forget it. Or maybe this drama was that good that I can’t seem to forget it. Either ways, you should definitely watch this drama if you want to watch a drama that had a freaking 50% viewership in its last episode.

Cheer (Approval Moderator & Editor) recommends:

Star in My Heart

My journey to Asian dramas has been on and off for several years before I finally settled back in 2010. Before that, I ran through many Korean dramas on television. Star in My Heart was officially my first Asian drama ever. I watched it more than 10 years ago but I still remember it in vivid detail. Maybe because our firsts will always remain special, but that’s not only it.

For a drama that’s nearly 20 year old, Star in My Heart has that special flavor that makes it quite unforgettable. The theme isn’t anything special, it revolves around the same old melodramatic process that Korean dramas used –and still– love to use. However, in this drama’s case, the characters’ interactions and growth through the whole drama was quite memorable. I still remember many scenes, situation and dialogues by heart. If that’s not a proof of how a certain drama can survive in your head for nearly 13 years than I don’t know what is.

Star in My Heart was in fact a marvelous introduction to Dramaland. I don’t know if there are any of you who are willing to give an older drama a go but if you do, then I am sure you’re in for a treat.

It’s funny that I wrote this to recommend Star in My Heart but I am orienting myself to rewatch it –and I don’t even do that.

Aya97 (Editor in Chief) recommends:

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge


I still feel excited when I think about my first drama. I remember stumbling upon it by chance while searching for an anime and I happened to find the live-action: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Now, what can I say about it...maybe I'm biased but I LOVED that drama. And I remember loving it even after years and rewatching it a couple of times. First of all, it’s really easy on the eyes. Most of the time is comedy but there are really valuable life lessons that you can get out of it. Also what sealed the deal for me was Kamenashi Kazuya. Because of that drama I became obsessed with Asia. So if you overlooked this drama you might want to check it out. If not for the witty dialog then for the outstanding lessons you can get from it!

That would be it for us. Let us know about the drama (s) that got you into Dramaland.