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                                                    Lee Sang Yoon

                                                                                      Born: August 15, 1981


I love this actor, I call him Mr. Dimples ^_^  He's SO Gorgeous! [Smexy in My Daughter Seo Young, Hot in Home Sweet Home, Cute in Second Time Twenty, Super handsome in Angel Eyes, so young and gorgeous in The Scale of Providence, royal in Goddess of Fire, and super likable in Likable or Not.] ^_^

I became addicted to him after seeing him for the first time in Angel Eyes <3 His acting, dimples and expressions just totally won me over ^_^ I anticipate every drama he is in now! I love it when his hair is black and he wears black clothes - it makes his eyebrows and eyes just POP <3 Such a SMEXY look!!! I also really like him in blues - they make him look so good! Definitely one of his best colors!




My Daughter Seo Young (2012)

Lee Sang Yoon plays Woo Jae who falls in love with Lee Bo Young's character Seo Young - I absolutely LOVED this drama and this couple became my favorite ^^ I felt their love story to my very core! Honestly I desperately want to re-watch this one. Lee Sang Yoon was SO strikingly handsome in this <3 I couldn't help but fall for him ^^ I stayed up late 3 nights in a row just to finish this, I could barely manage to pull myself away each night. This was my 2nd LSY drama, I wanted to watch something with him in it after I finished Angel Eyes - and this one made the cut because fellow actors Lee Bo Young (whom I started liking after I Hear Your Voice) and Park Hae Jin (my love) were in it as well <3 If you're a fan of LSY then you shouldn't miss this one!



The Scale of Providence (2008)

LSY plays Woo Bin a man who "accidentally kills a woman in self-defense" I loved his performance in this drama, each and every time he'd cry, I'd cry :"( I loved his moments/scenes with Song Chang Eui's character (the boyfriend of the woman who died) & Young Joo - the girl who liked him. He looked so young in this drama *so cute* I adored his character, I smiled with him, hurt with him, and felt bad for him. He didn't ask for all this pain.



Second Time Twenty (2015)

I watched this last on my list of his dramas because it was his newest drama and because I was waiting to marathon it ^^ It was such a well made drama! It was the "funnest" of his dramas, his character was so childish around No Ra (Choi Ji Woo) - I found his expressions and things he'd do to be so adorable ^_^ One moment he'd be mean, and another moment he'd be super sweet, they teased and picked on each other as if they were high schoolers again ;P One thing though I don't know if it was just me, or if it's his hairstyle or what but I thought he looks way different in this drama than he does in every other drama (past and future)... something was off, it took me awhile to adjust.



Angel Eyes (2014)

My first LSY drama, at first I wasn't sure if I'd watch this because I had never seen LSY before and I wasn't a fan of the actress but when @Hallyuback "previewed" this drama, I knew I had to check in ^_^ and I'm so glad I did, I mean it might not be everyone's Platte but, it was mine! It's a drama for melo-drama lovers - the angst was real. I loved how their love story developed ^^ It was sad but romantic and happy. I loved the OST - especially the song "Run to You". It was also my first time hearing people call him "Mr. Dimples". 



                                  On the Way to the Airport (2016)

He plays a man who recently looses his daughter and meets with his child's friends mother, their loneliness and pain overflow with compassion and they grow attached to the point where they fall in love despite the fact that they are both married. His marriage is overhauled with deception and her's filled with shame, loneliness and distance. Through the struggles in their marriages they realize they really need one another and how nice would it have been to have met first? It's one "affair" that you can't help but wish only good things to the couple and desperately wish for them to leave their "spouses".


Goddess of Fire Jung Yi (2013)

I put this drama off when it first came out because I was not familiar with the cast at the time & pottery/ceramics didn't interest me either. But it's as they say "Sometimes you have to watch a drama at the right time." Luckily, the right time came and I thoroughly enjoyed it! LSY was cute as Prince Gwanghae ^_^ I loved his interactions with Jung Yi. I enjoyed watching all the ceramic making and the story behind Jung and Gwanghae :) The fight scenes were a little weak but I just ignored that. I liked the OST - especially Bobby Kim's song ^^



Likable or Not (2007)

He comes on this drama at the end of episode 72 and stays 'till the end ^_^ I liked this drama even more when he appeared! <3 his character was so sweet and loving toward Ji Young (Lee Young Eun). He protects her, cares for her, listens to her and loves her <3 He also had a good friendship with Baek Ho (Kim Ji Suk). He works at Baek Ho's step-fathers business as a chemist (?). I took so many pictures of his smiling face when I watched this drama lol - He's so CUTE! ^_^



Home Sweet Home (2010)

LSY was Hot in this drama ^^ He plays a detective who starts investigating a possible murder with the help of the dead guy's psychologist who is sure this is not a suicide or "accident", he starts to develop feelings for this woman. This drama didn't exactly end the way I wanted it to, but I liked the scenes with LSY and KHS and honestly I shipped them lol - the scenes about her husband's job were really boring, so I ended up skipping them (especially since I hated him and didn't really like the actor who played him either - he wasn't good looking (to me) and I thought he lacked acting talent).... LSY shows up in the middle of episode 2, and again at the end of episode 3, and starts to get more screen time from episode 4 and up ^^



Liar Game (2014)

LSY plays a cold level-headed ex-professor who ends up helping a girl on a game show called 'Liar Game', he was super smart witted and quick to catch on to things, this drama had lots of mystery in it and was exciting to watch week by week ^^ I still remember one phrase he said in episode 3 or 4 ^_^ For some reason I just squealed and got all girly when he said it lol - His character makes you feel like you can trust him no matter what, even when the game is about deceit. I'm still hoping for a season 2 with the same actors!



Life Is Beautiful (2010)

LSY plays Ho Sub the third child of the Yang family. I focused my entire attention on his role and relationships - I am one of the minority who didn't really enjoy the entire drama, I LOVED LSY and NSM's characters and enjoyed watching their relationship grow, but I honestly skipped just about everything else. It's worth watching at least for these characters. I could re-watch every scene with these two ^_^



                                                        Whisper (2017)

He plays a very just judge who ends up being "forced" to reject his justice that he's always believed in and side with the enemy b/c they were too powerful to him who only ever wanted to be a judge. With the possibility of loosing the job he loves, he compromises his beliefs and in turn makes one woman his enemy - who he is then blackmailed into working with and slowly in the process he starts coming back to his senses and they team up to take down the seemingly powerful dirty rich people. (btw he is once again paired with Lee Bo Young - although their chemistry is nothing like it was in 'My Daughter Seo Yeong' it was still there just very muted so much so that some thought it was non-existent).


                                                  About Time (2018)

This drama is about a girl who can see peoples life-span on their body, and so she knows when she will die as well. When she encounters this one man (LSY) her clock time starts to increase so she does everything she can to stay by his side and get him to like her - even though her feelings are forced at first. However she cannot see his life-clock... LSY plays a rich guy who is preparing to marry another rich girl - for the purpose of the company only. But when he meets this unusual girl he is intrigued enough to abandon what he has lived for.


Other dramas:

The Duo (2011) - I liked this drama, but I liked Chun Jung Myung's role more, I liked all characters when they were young, but they all changed somewhat when they got older. I liked the bromance more than the romance - the friendship between CJM and LSY was worth the watch.

I Love You, Don't Cry (2008) - as Jang Hyun Woo - I'm curious about this drama but I don't really want to invest my time... I might if I hear good things about LSY's role however - I've seen a couple clips and a couple previews. I think I'd like LSY's role/character but I think I might get too frustrated with everything else... If anyone has seen this, let me know what you think of his character ^^

Air City (2007) he has a supporting role in this drama as Do Kyung's friend and I plan to watch it someday lol *if anyone has seen it, speak up!* ^^

Heading to the Ground (2009) I don't really like the leading actor, so I've been putting this one off, but I might be picking it up at some point now that I know LSY is in it ^^ again if anyone has seen this and remembers LSY's role (and how much screen time he got) then please inform me! :P


I LOVE this picture! <3 I want him to take more pictures just like this one - and HUGE ones with better quality too - I'd blow them up and put them on my wall! <3 <3 <3


Lee Sang Yoon is well-known for his sexy brain, he studied physics at Seoul National University, which is one of the most prestigious colleges in Korea.


Lee Sang-yoon was picked out of a crowd on the streets of Yeouido by his former agency director at the age of 24. <Rad! ;D


This concludes my article on the ever so gorgeous and talented actor Lee Sang Yoon ^_^ Stay tuned for the next article coming soon!


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