by Cheer, October 4, 2015

The action genre is very prominent in Asian cinema but it’s not quite popular in their dramas. However, if they put their minds into it, they’re able to produce some pretty engaging plots. For this month, we will introduce you our most favourite action dramas.

Cheer (Approval Moderator & Editor) recommends:

Cruel City


Although I saw a fair number of intriguing action dramas, it was Cruel City that instantly came to mind. Probably because I still remember it in explicit detail.

Cruel City is an unconventional Korean action drama. For once, it comes from a cable channel and therefore they had more liberty in portraying some memorable bloody action scenes and lots of usually-censored element.  It’s also quite rare for Korean dramas to use the underground drug lord element let alone turn it into the noir theme.

But Cruel City wasn’t all about those primary reasons. It was one of the best action oriented productions I’ve seen in Asian dramas. The action scenes were shot to perfection due to the somber cinematography that helped illustrating their brutality.

Despite being an action drama, Cruel City was much more than brainless action. It was also a good crime procedure with decent mystery/suspense elements. There were too many flips and turns throughout. The execution of certain plot elements could’ve been better but the plotline and characterization delivered quite well. Especially the main character ‘ Paksa adeul’. He’s forever one of my all-times favourite characters.

So there you have it, if you’re looking for a deeply engaging action, noir themed drama then Cruel City’s definitely for you.

Hessa (Approval Moderator) recommends:

The Bridal Mask


Honestly, I first started watching this because of  Joo Won. I was impressed by his acting (and his pretty face) in  King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo so I decided to give The Bridal Mask a try. I was a little bit hesitant at first I avoid watching long dramas since they easily bore me. Nevertheless, The Bridal Mask kept me impatiently waiting for the next episode eagerly wanting to know what will happen next. Even though the drama dragged a little bit, it subsequently managed to become one of my favorites +20 episodes drama.

In addition to the awesome fight scenes this drama has, it opened my eyes to the rich yet painful history of the Japanese colonial era. This drama was set in the 1930s, when Korea was oppressed under the Japanese colonial rule. This was my first time watching a drama that is set in that time line, therefore The Bridal Mask was somewhat educational to me.

As for the story, it follows Lee Kang To, a Korean police officer working under the Japanese colonial rule. Kang To, who betrayed his own country and was aiding the Japanese in taking down Korean rebellions, faces a masked man who assassinate Japanese officials and fights to free Korea. While hunting this masked man, you see Kang To’s character grow as he starts realizing his own actions toward his country and starts to change.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lot of action scene, bromance, friendship, romance, and drama, The Bridal Mask is the perfect drama for you.

Sleepninja (Forums Moderator) recommends:



Kurosagi is one of the dramas I watched early on in my drama watching years. I loved seeing  Yamapi and Horikita Maki working alongside each other again. This particular drama combines action, crime, and just the right amount of comedy. It was really nice to see a different side to both of the leads. Yamapi played a much "cooler" character in this drama, but also brought on the comedy with his numerous costumes and personas for the cons he pulled. It was so much fun to watch his character take on criminals while also playing a game of cat and mouse with the police force. I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a solid drama that executes all of this without any annoying whiny characters or draggy plot.

Skye-N-Rain (Founder & Admin of MDL ) recommends:


All I can say is that Healer is one of my favorite action dramas. Apparently many others on MDL think the same way as it's the third highest rated title on MyDramaList (though it is the MOST popular title). Watch it, you won't regret it. 

That would be it for us. Comment with your own favourite action dramas.