by Hasumi17, September 11, 2015

Here are three recommendations for the weekend that are sure to bring a wide smile to your face and tears to your eyes because you are laughing too hard. Make sure to close the window so that your loud laughter won’t bother the neighbors! :D



Country: South Korea     Year: 2015     Genre: Comedy, Friendship, Mature, Romance

Twenty is a completely hilarious story of three twenty-year-old friends that are wondering what life is about and what on earth to do with theirs. Chi Ho, played by no other than (the forever hot)  Kim Woo Bin, is a complete womanizer whose only goal is to keep breathing. Gyeong Jae (Kang Ha Neul) is a goody-two-shoes college student who unfortunately falls in love with a woman who doesn’t really realize his existence and Kang Dong Woo (Lee Jun Ho) only wants to be a comic artist but has to work many part-time jobs due to lack of money.

The three friends and the messes they make struggling to figure out their lives are overly hilarious. They are more or less seriously trying to make sense of their lives and all the little problems that come with it, but the outcome is the funniest comedy I have seen. The writer and the actors did a wonderful job and made a movie that shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

The Plan Man


Country: South Korea     Year: 2014     Genre: Comedy, Romance

Jung Suk (Jung Jae Young) is a librarian who plans everything in his life. He times his life with his watch and disinfects the world around him. He has a crush on one convenience store clerk but when he finally gathers the courage to confess, she tells him she wants someone different from him. So Jung (Han Ji Min) is the complete opposite of Jung Suk: free-spirited, spontaneous and a musician. She helps Jung Suk to change his ways and wants to take part in a music talent show with him.

The Plan Man is a romantic comedy filled with funny scenes and it does a very good job of telling how OCD or obsessiveness to details affects the life of the person suffering from them. However, it is never too serious or gets boring to watch. It is full of good (and fun!) songs that are sure to make you laugh!

Can’t Live Without Robbery


Country: South Korea     Year: 2002     Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Family

Can’t Live Without Robbery (also known as Steal It If You Can) stars So Ji Sub as Choi Kang Jo, a more than eccentric game programmer that is bored with his life. His hobby is being a hi-tech burglar and stealing meaningless little things like remotes or changing the order of things so that you know that someone has been in your house. One day he breaks into the house of Kang Sang Tae (Park Sang Myeon) who is always pushed around by his family. Now, he has to step up and show his family that he can protect them. And so, their game begins.

So Ji Sub does an excellent job, like always, portraying a man that has materialistically everything but gets his ‘rush’ from catching people off their guard. You will enjoy watching him play games with the family’s (and especially the father’s) mind. Who will win? Also, I have to mention that the movie has an exceptionally fun ending that is rarely seen. :)

These movies are sure to remind us all not to take life too seriously and smile more! :)