by Wiam Najjar, August 7, 2015

Leaving the emotional turmoils, the tears and the intellectual battles, and feeling sorry for the amount of pain I usually present with my recommendations, I've chosen three light and warm romantic films with no emotional roller coasters. We all need some fairy-tales that would help us overcome the dark reality of life every now and then. These films do not lift you up and leave you floating among the clouds, but they will provide some space for you to breathe. 

Bungee Jumping of their Own


Country: South Korea     Year: 2001     Genre: Mystery, Romance

I’m not romantic. Or more precisely, I used to be but not anymore. I don’t believe in eternal love, destiny or reincarnation. But this film made me want to believe.

The film narrates the story of a man (Lee Byung Hun) who loves one person for his entire existence. He recognises that person no matter what and falls for them all over again. Don’t read the synopsis on websites because they spoil the whole story.

What I can say is that the story is so touching. You know that type of works you understand they don’t make sense but you keep watching! You keep shutting your mind out to be able to hear the sound of your heart! This film is an example. It was released in 2001 and that’s a long time ago. South Korea is an Eastern country and has many taboos and prejudices despite the publicised open-mindedness. The film connects the inherited beliefs of fate and reincarnation in the Korean culture with the universal and abstract concept of everlasting love, without judgments and prejudices. It’s an enjoyable journey in every single aspect.

PS Nam Gung Min is in the film. But you won’t notice him if you don’t look for him. He’s Hyeon Bin (Yeo Hyun Soo)’s friend. He’s in few scenes and his voice is there rather than his face so pay attention to that if you’re his fan.

Over the Rainbow

Country: South Korea     Year: 2002     Genre: Romance, Drama

Inspired by the famous theme song of the Wizard of Oz, Over the Rainbow narrates a journey of searching for love and memory.

The vampire Lee Jung Jae who still looks like he looked in Feelings (1994) plays Lee Jin Soo, a weatherman who gets into a car accident and ends up with partial amnesia. He finds the traces of a woman he used to love and starts looking for her in the memories of his old friends with the help of his friend Kang Yeon Hee (Jang Jin Young/R.I.P).

The film beautifully connects Jin Soo’s job with memories and love. We have the effect of weather everywhere. The film is a combination of memories and objects and moments that trigger them, wonderful music and a heart-warming love story.


Country: South Korea     Year: 2008     Genre: Romance, Drama

‘’What’s there to life? It’s all about going forward.’’

So a woman in her forties lives and supports her daughter and her younger sister. The three women are going through decisive moments in their hard lives and the three are trying to choose the road with fewer regrets. It’s about their journey to find what their hearts want.

The film is cute and light. All of us K ladies can relate. What do we need to achieve in work and relationships? Where are we in the middle of our hectic lives? For a more secure and comfortable life, can we really give up on who we are? I need this film at this time of my life when I’m tempted to choose the easier road.