by Wiam Najjar, July 6, 2015

Since everyone knows already, and I should stop mentioning this before you guys get sick of it, so... so since I’m a Super Junior fan, it’s expected that I saw Kang So Ra for the first time in We Got Married with SuJu’s leader Leeteuk. I haven’t watched all the couples but I have watched many and this couple is still my favourite. Her beauty, gentleness, well-manners, care and funny personality had me fall for her. When the show ended –and I cried my heart out- I went and checked her drama list, and there my journey of love for her as an actress started.

Before I start talking about her acting career, I want to mention why I personally like her personality; why I would love to be her friend.

First of all, So Ra is my age. Hurray!! When I see people my age walking steadfastly on their chosen careers and shining, I feel proud and motivated; proud because a young person could achieve that much, and motivated because that drives me to work harder to achieve my dreams. So Ra is not someone who’s satisfied with what she has. She’s got an acting talent but she didn’t stop there. If you watched Dream High 2 or Women in Our House then watched Misaeng you’d immediately notice the huge jump in her performance. You can add the many languages she masters and taking care of her body. She works diligently and confidently; making me cheer for her with all my heart

You know I always follow my watching sequence ;)

Dream High 2


So after WGM, I started Dream High 2 . I had already watched and liked season 1. I started 2 with high expectations –my fault- and anticipation for So Ra. So Ra played Shin Hae Sung; a girl dreaming to be a singer when she has no talent.- and yes So Ra has no singing potential at all!- She was cute as she stumbled around because of her crush on JB. And she was so human and reachable as I saw her struggle and fight for a dream she knew she wouldn’t be able to achieve. Hae Sung was well-aware of her limited abilities, but she had a dream. I cried many times with her. And I loved her.

As I mentioned earlier, her acting grew steadily from there. Watch her performance here in the drama: -I love her here and I love the song-

Women in Our House


Having liked what I saw, I jumped to the next one; Women in Our House. God! The drama started well then ended up being the most boring family drama I’ve ever watched. I was not into dropping dramas yet but I did skip; A LOT. I ended up watching So Ra’s scenes only.

So Ra acted Hong Yoon Mi; a daughter loved by her had and with an independent personality. I remember her being sweet, caring, hardworking and independent. I remember her struggle as a step-daughter and sister –we find out other things later of course-. In love, she was the sweetest thing ever. I vaguely remember the drama –means it didn’t leave such an impression- but I do remember loving her there. And that adorable short hair of hers.

4th Period Mystery


And they say this was her debut film; holy cow!

Whoever watched this knows how cute and well-done this film was. Her chemistry and partnership with Yoo Seung Ho was enchanting. She was a 19-year old fully-grown young woman acting a girl of 16 against the 16-year old Seung Ho. She played Lee Da Jeong, the mysterious outcast who turns out to be a demi-detective. When a crime occurs in the school, she partners with Jeong Hun Han to solve the mystery. Their collaboration blossoms into an adorable love story.

Both admitted afterwards that shooting the two kisses in the film was so awkward. Well, I don’t mind. They were perfect.

This was the first kiss and the cutest on Earth!

Incomplete Life



Hurray for Misaeng. Hurray for the script writer, the director, tvN, and the cast. And hurray for the groundbreaking An Young Yi. So Ra was doing great and walking assertively down her acting career. But I know that Misaeng was that turning point which would change her from a talented second lead material in big projects and a main lead in secondary to a straight lead.


An Young Gi’s character was epic, I admit. But So Ra brought it to life. It wouldn’t have been An Young Yi without So Ra. The cold, serious, scarred, talented and workaholic Young Yi who would show other humorous and caring sides of her once she’s comfortable with someone, wouldn’t be the same Young Yi if it wasn’t So Ra. Her face, hair, body and voice were all Young Yi. The way she held her anger in, the way she stamped on her pride to climb the ladder of her ambitions, her acknowledgement of the situation of women in workplace and her tries to live through; Young Yi made out hearts flutter because it was So Ra who played her. It was So Ra, and her only. I would write volumes on her and Misaeng!

Dr. Champ



In the medical-sport drama, So Ra’s role as Kwon Yoo Ri was small. She played a swimmer having a one-sided crush on the main lead, Jung Gyu Woon. She was a clumsy spoiled child, but so adorable. Her pouting and jumping around suited the 20-year old So Ra perfectly. And since the drama was only her 2nd, you cannot expect profound acting.

My Paparotti



I won’t talk about the film because if I do I won’t stop.

So Ra, in one of the best films I’ve EVER watched, played Sook Hee; a talentless and uninterested music student who has lived her life aimlessly. Sook Hee falls for Jang Ho (Lee Je Hoon) at first sight –I would!- and sticks to him. With time, Jang Ho starts feeling for her.

So Ra’s role here is the most hilarious of all her roles. The way she tried to ‘seduce’ Jang Ho was hysterical. She added to the greatness of the film.



I did take a long time before I watched the film which caused a sensation back in 2011 and brought So Ra to fame.

She plays the younger version of the leader of Sunny; Ha Chun Hwa; a strong, confident and responsible friend. Chun Hwa tried to be the shoulder her friends lean on. She tried so hard, though things didn’t go her way.

80s So Ra was funny, charismatic and humane. Who didn’t sympathize with her?! Who didn’t support her?!

Doctor Stranger



Seriously Park Hoon?! You don’t deserve her to begin with! Go go Han Jae Joon!!

From the very beginning of the drama I was Park Hae Jin biased. Why? Because I liked So Ra and therefore I wanted her to be with the best. And obviously it’s Park Hae Jin! And yes!! They ended up together! Hallelujah!!!

Oh Soo Hyun is the illegitimate child of the CEO of Myungwoo University Hospital. She’s a dignified and serious doctor. She tries to act all tough to be able to survive as an illegitimate child. She’s in a relationship with Dr. Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin) and she has all her dad’s favour. Her world is turned upside down as Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) enters it.

I’m so glad So Ra was here because I could brush my thoughts of killing the OTHER girl thanks to her. I actually didn’t wish she would end up with Park Hoon. Why? Because Han Jae Joon was there! I enjoyed every single scene of hers. Her outfits were gorgeous. I loved her scenes with her step-brother the most. The guy met his match.

Ugly Alert



I’m still watching this -133 episodes are no joke- and I’m loving it. This is one heck of a great long family drama.

Na Do Hee is a competent young woman working in the family’s company but proving herself anyways. She became distant and lonely after her mother died and her dad married a much younger woman. Her whole life is spent in the company and one clothes shop that she owns. Until a tornado wreaks havoc in her life. After she meets Gong Jun Soo (Im Joo Hwan), Do Hee’s life brightens up. Her old self starts crawling out and she starts seeing the world in a new view. At the same time, she has to go through many obstacles in their relationship because of his messed-up past.


Do Hee changes Jun Soo. Jung Soo changes Do Hee. Both join hands to change their lives. I’m at episode 60 and you know what! There is no dull moment. Apart from all the great side stories and if it was only Do Hee and Jung Soo the whole time, I would watch the drama endlessly. It’s a long one and I can’t describe how and why I feel thus. I just can tell you I’m so happy So Ra starred in this which led me to it. And I can also tell you, if you’re a So Ra/Joo Hwan lover or not, their acting and the story is worth the 5320 minutes/ almost 88 hours you’d spend watching it.

Works I couldn’t find:

Rude Miss Young Ae seasons 7 and 8

Other seasons are online but these are not. If you spot them subbed or raw please tell me. I’d be so grateful.

It’s the 4th of May as I write this and I don’t know if it’ll be published before So Ra starts her most anticipated romance-comedy Warm and Cozy against Yoo Yeon Seok. But I know one thing, she’ll shine.

Here’s the teaser:

So Ra is an actress who’d perfectly fill in the place she’s assigned to. She’s an ultra-talented actress with a driving spirit, and she’s only 25. I can’t wait to see her doing better. And I’ll always be her fan.