by Cheer, July 3, 2015

Good day to all drama addicts. This month’s staff pick will feature our favourite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy dramas. How about leaving the reality for a while and joining us on this surreal trip?

Sleepninja (Forums Moderator) recommends:



Q10 was one of those dramas that I added on a whim, hoping to at least get some laughs out of it. The premise sounded interesting, and right up my alley for strange and fun! It tells the story of an ordinary high school boy (the M.O. for most Jdramas, right?). One day he happens upon the body of a girl. Is she dead? Why isn't she moving? For some strange reason he became compelled to touch her molar. Suddenly she is moving and talking. She is a robot named Q10.

This sci-fi/school drama has plenty of comedy, as well as a bit of romance. I was impressed with the acting, especially considering the female lead is an idol. The best part about this drama is that it starts out seeming like a predictable show, and then suddenly there are twists that I never suspected. This is definitely one of my favorites.

Cheer (Approval Moderator and Editor) recommends:

Nine: Nine times time Travel


I honestly can’t recommend this drama enough. Although the supernatural element is the same old time travel theme but the endless flips and turns made this plot quite memorable. Nine is not fantasy story filled with CGI. It’s more like a cryptic journey to solve a mystery. What’s also interesting is that the main character travels back and forth between his past and present life to change things. But modifying certain details comes with a high price that he might not afford.

Nine might not be perfect. The development might be slow and it did take its sweet time to become highly captivating but it’s definitely worth the try for those who are looking for a different type of a time-travel drama. The screenwriting was coherent enough to deliver a puzzling series of interesting events.

Those would be all, we made it short this month. Feel free to add your favourite Supernatural/Fantasy dramas to the list.