by Ceki, June 2, 2015

OST Nominations

Hello everyone! MDL organizes 'the best of' nominations every year, but this time let’s do it on a larger scale – let’s join forces and nominate the best songs ever from Asian drama OSTs! After the nominations we will organize a poll and the results will show which dramas have the most popular OSTs. Check out the rules at the bottom of the article and share your favorite songs with everyone.



Thanks to everyone who participated!  Look forward to the voting :)


- You can vote up to 5 songs per country;
-  Instrumental songs are not allowed;
- Only OSTs from Asian dramas and drama specials are allowed, not films!
-  The release day of a drama and its OST does not matter;
-  Your nominated songs must be part of the official drama’s OST;
- The poll options per country will be restricted to 20 most frequently nominated songs in case the nominations become too varied;
-  The nominations end on Tuesday, June 9th, 5:00 PM EST;
-  Have fun! :)