by Combo, February 4, 2015

Kdrama Cosplay - Secret Tips

Carnival is coming, and you really want to cosplay without forgetting your greatest passion: Korean dramas. Nothing simpler! Here are some tips to better interpret the characters of your favorite drama:

Black Clothes + Black Cap


= The Killer/Sniper

If you want you can also add a rucksack, strictly black, obviously. Anyone who watches dramas will recognize you and will stay away from you. Now, just try not to look anybody in the eyes…


Some examples from left: 7th Grade Civil Servant, City Hunter, Two Weeks

School Uniform + Bowl Cut


= The Heroine’s Not-so-Pretty Best Friend

And… you’re ready! For this cosplay, you have neither to be super pretty, nor have a model’s body… everybody can do it! Isn’t it wonderful?!


Some examples from left: Monstar, Playful Kiss, School 2013

Permed Hair + Wool Vest


= The Poor Mother

Instead of the vest you can also wear a light jacket. Match different colors to help you get into character, but above all, remember to speak at an extremely loud volume, and you will be a perfect protagonist’s poor mother!


Some examples from left: Boys Over Flowers, Dream High, Reply 1997

Lollipop + Bold Walk


= Gangster/Bad boy

(not bad meanin’ bad, but bad meanin’ good, you know...)

That’s right, you don’t need anything else to turn yourself into your favorite protagonist! If you prefer, you can replace the lollipop with chewing gum: the effect will be the same. There are no particular indications for clothing, it’s just a matter of attitude.


Some examples from left: A Love To Kill, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, Time Between Dog and Wolf

What other tips would you add? Let me know in the comments below!