by angelitocurioso, November 13, 2014

As a drama-watcher, I have dreamed of the "perfect" man a lot of times. That one who will descend from my PC monitor to my side and make me happy for the rest of my life. Where are you, scrumptious man!? God, I'm watching too much drama! Nooo. There can never be enough dramas!

Taking Zettai Kareshi as inspiration, I want to create such a man. You know, like Dr Frankenstein. Muahaha. [*Dr. Evil Laughter.*]

Wait? What? You haven’t watched it? Well, honey, you are in for a journey of pure joy, laughter, and even a few tears. Zettai Kareshi is the story a wonderful girl who isn't lucky in love. Suddenly, she is presented with the deal of a lifetime. She will receive a robot who will become her "absolute boyfriend." No, this one is NOT like Terminator and never says "I'll be back!" Or does he?

But what if we could create a man with all the characteristics we wanted? So, here is mine. I will add everything I like from characters of different dramas--and unite them in one soul. Now that is my kind of monster—[*Coughs*] man.

Let's start people! Let's make the perfect man—your perfect man.

For a template, I'll use actor Choi Si Won. You can use whomever you want, even David Beckham...just saying. Mm, Beckham.


Need to say more?


Okay then, Loki.  

To me, Mr. Choi Si Won is Absolute Perfection. I adore him! He is the male lead of my ultimate super favorite drama Oh! My Lady. Please watch it!

Now select your favorite ingredients and see which drama might contain the perfect man for you. Here are the ingredients for the cookie! 


Ingredient      Where in Dramaland?
"Accepts you, weirdness and all"Couple or Trouble
"Loves unconditionally"Zettai Kareshi
"Looks for the truth"Arang and the Magistrate
"Hard Worker"Full House 2
"Wants the best for you"Personal Taste
"Knows to kiss"Lie To Me
"Adorable"Queen Hyun's Man
"Kind"Pleasantly Surprised
"Like a best friend"In Time with You
"Funny and creative"Drunken to love you
"Protective"A Gentleman's Dignity
"Good with kids"Manny
"Sacrificing'Secret Garden
"An escape from the world'Master's Sun
'Liked by your friends"Coffee Prince
"Knows how you feel with a look"9 Ends 2 Outs
"Honest"You Who Came From The Stars
"Sincere"Who Are You
"Sweetheart"Panda and Hedgehog
"Ready to party"Fated to Love You [South Korea]
"Loving"Snow White
'Stands by you, good or bad"Scent of a Woman
"Charming"Flower Boy Ramen Shop
"Wants to do the right thing"I Do, I Do

Now, lets bake! Muahaha.

Me after:


Oh, the feels...

Who is your "absolute boyfriend"?