by Eatbreathasiandramas, November 9, 2014

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My Lovely Girl

Hello, everyone! Jave any of you heard of Rain? Now, I am pretty sure a lot of you have, because how could you not know this face… 


Well, Rain has recently made his comeback into the Korean drama acting world with his drama My Lovely Girl which is recently a hit all around Asia. 



My Lovely Girl is about a girl named Se Na who is played by Krystal and a guy named Lee Hyun Wook who is played by Rain. In this story of love and heartbreak Se Na loses her older sister and Lee Hyun Wook loses his girlfriend in a car accident. Lee Hyun Wook meets his girlfriend’s younger sister and falls in love with her and that is Se Na. Se Na, who wants to become a music composer, has to live with the consequences of falling in love with her older sister’s boyfriend.   


From my perspective, this drama has been very interesting so far and you can feel the love and the heartbreak all these characters go through from the beginning of the drama to the end of it. Se Na and Lee Hyun Wook have both lost someone who was very close to them and fall in love with each other even though they feel it is wrong. There is a lot of romance between Se Na and Lee Hyun Wook and, strangely enough, there are even some humorous moments in this show. My Lovely Girl is a must-watch if you're in the mood to see Rain, but also if you want to see love developing between two strong characters.



The main character of the show is Lee Hyun Wook, who is a music composer and is trying to get his life back together after the death of his girlfriend. His main love interest Yoon Se Na is a girl who lost her sister three years ago, and because of what happened, was encouraged to get her music out there into the real world. 


So what do you think of My Lovely Girl so far? Personally, I am really enjoying it and I love seeing Rain back in action, which is like an amazing sight to see. I am very happy with the acting and chemistry between Rain and Krystal. Are you enjoying it? Who do you think Se Na is going to end up with? What are your predictions about the end of the show? Please tell me in a comment down below.