by KwonSangSeung, November 4, 2014

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Liar Game

Greetings, citizens of the vast plains of drama land! How many times did you catch yourself lying? White lies or not, it doesn’t really matter, no matter the cause a lie will always be a lie. Though, how would it feel to find yourself lying in order to purchase money that was never yours in the first place? Did you ever wear a mask? No matter the reason, for every mask you wear a mask is still a mask, but can it really hide your real face? Trust. Such a small word, you might be building it for years, but in a blink of an eye it may shatter faster than glass. Once shattered, can you collect the pieces and forge it again? Mind tricks: can you see through the forest to find the tree? Questions, questions. Are you in for… Liar Game?

“Never trust anyone.”

Liar Game: many of you have read the original piece, Kaitani Shinobu’s renowned manga. Many of you have watched the Japanese adaptation of it, and many of you have completed both steps. Some of you cherish Liar Game for the first time through the South Korean adaptation of it. Expectations were definitely high since the first moment tvN announced its own Liar Game expedition. But many were skeptical about it and about the main cast of the series: Lee Sang YoonKim So Eun and Shin Sung Rok. I haven’t read the manga, but I have watched Japan's Liar GameLiar Game 2, and the movie Liar Game: The Final Stage. Will our new main figures live up to the expectations ofMatsuda Shota and Toda Erika’s interpretation? Will the South Korean adaptation live up to the vibes of a game called Liar Game? All you can do is find out yourselves, because no matter what you read, no matter who expresses positive or negative thoughts, your personal opinion will always be in the first place.

According to my point of view, I highly enjoy the journey so far. I won’t invest in spoilers, but I will try to offer a generic view of the drama so far; the rest is up to you. As for tvN, its attempt appears brave enough to forge a remake, not a copy of Japan's Liar Game, respectful so far, but still brave and remarkable. Liar Game was supposed to be a secret organization’s life-wrecking vehicle in the form of a game in order to test human limits and humane side. This time, Liar Game is a grandiose attempt, a shining, groundbreaking TV show. Rather than being cut from society and lurking in the shadows, it’s an immense part of it with huge screens everywhere on the streets broadcasting Liar Game. As expected, it receives a massive reality show aura since cameras follow the participants in their daily lives. The game works in a hi-tech way; it feels more humiliating this way since everyone can see a participant’s desperate reactions.

Shin Sung Rok is the host and frontal figure of the show, Kang Do Young, and the role's costume he’s wearing suits him really well. What could be hiding underneath the surface when the media lights go down? Lee Sang Yoon is the enigmatic and genius psychology teacher, Cha Woo Jin, who was arrested and imprisoned, accused of murder. How did he find himself walking inside Liar Game’s corridors? Kim So Eun appears as Nam Da Jung who has to bear the debts of her father, who’s been missing for quite some time now, hiding from the loan sharks. The only way to pay back her father’s debts is by participating in Liar Game. Will she be able to survive in this vicious coliseum by retaining her naïve, innocent and warm-hearted personality? How do project director Lee Yoon Joo, director Jang of the broadcasting station, the magazine reporter Koo Ja Young, the humane loan shark Jo Dal Goo, and others interfere in our main figures’ course?

How do you find Liar Game so far? Personally, I’m impressed and I’m looking forward to the following episodes. Do the figures live up to your expectations? I personally applaud their acting. Did you enjoy the first and the second round of the game? What are your future expectations? If you don’t like it so far, what are your reasons? Who’s the mysterious X? How do you find its more realistic approach? Do you enjoy the OST so far? In my opinion, the various types of electronic music intensify the overall suspense. Anyway, apart from those questions, feel free to talk about anything concerning the South Korean adaptation of Liar Game, and, why not compare it to the Japanese adaptation and/or the manga.

“People are complex, but that’s why they are such simple animals.”