by Skye-N-Rain, September 21, 2014

You Who Came From the Stars, was the one drama that truly broke away in 2013. Even casual kdrama fans have heard of it. So it makes perfect sense that Sony Pictures Television has announced that it will be remaking the TV show for an American audience. 


The American version will be airing on the channel ABC and while it won't be exactly the same, the main events and plot will be. In the show, an alien hero with super powers will travel to earth and fall in love with an actress. It will be planned as a multi-season tv show (which is common in the US), but it will have to prove itself in the first season before they make the rest.

The tv show is currently in the casting stage. ABC is aiming to have it air around January 2015. 

The screenwriters in charge of  this remake are Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain. These two writers have worked on episodes of Angel and Dollhouse. More recently, they've worked on The Shield and Secret Circle. In other great news, the original scripwriter from You Who Came From the Stars, as well as the CEO of the Drama production company behind the drama, will both be involved in the American remake. It's unknown how much say or pull they will have, but let's hope it's a lot so the remake stays true to the original. 


My thoughts on this remake:

Personally, I always feel wary when I hear about one remake or another, especially since the norm is for Hollywood to ruin any remake they touch. However, I do have hope for this drama since it has proven screenwriters, most likely a decent budget (unlike the "Boys Before Friends" indie attempt), as well as involvement from the original scriptwriter & CEO. So hopefully this ends up being awesome and we see more Kdramas being adapted for American television. 

What do you think? Will this be a hot mess or something you're looking forward to?