by LeejLicious, August 3, 2014

So what you are going to do during your vacation or summer? Yes, you are going to watch some bad ass movies! What kind of movies? I am talking about some jam packed action movies! I am here to pump some adrenaline through that lazy body of you all! Here we go:

Ip Man 

Country: Hong Kong                  Year: 2008                  Genre: Action, Drama

Ip man is a martial arts master living in China. He is skilled in the art of Wing Chung but he keeps a low profile. There are competitions where he participates in, and he is always respecting his opponents.

After the Japanese invasion Ip man loses his wealth and has to live in a decrepit house where he starts to work in a coal mine to feed his family. The army sets up an arena where they let them fight military trainees against Chinese.

After several incidents and unfair plays it becomes time for Ip man to stand up.

Numbers, my opinion, sequels and an MDL review:

Ip Man has been watched by approximately 1197 members, and I think that (in comparison with the approx. 3076 people who have watched Rurouni Kenshin) this movie is underrated. It is rated with a 10 by 27% and 32% rated it a 9.

This movie has a powerful and action packed story! The martial arts in this movie will move you and might get you more interested in martial arts. The fighting scenes were beyond amazing! And they really chose the perfect music for every scene!

This is not the only Ip Man movie. There's also Ip Man 2 and two movies based on his life: The legend is born – Ip Man and The Grandmaster. There is also a 2013 drama about the life of Ip Man.

In one review MDL user Go-To-The-Extreme writes:

“The story never gets old. I LOVED IT. I can't even put it into words. Let me just say that if you missed this one, then you have missed out on one of the BEST Asian movies ever.”

71 Into the Fire


Country: South Korea                      Year: 2010           Genre: Action, Drama, Friendship

This is a true story about 71 men who are standing against the North-Korean army. They have never shot a gun before, don’t know each other and none of them have ever fought in battle. They are settled in a girls' school and for 11 long hours they defended this school. And in those 11 hours you see boy’s evolve into real men and how they faced the upcoming dangers.

Numbers and a MDL review:

This movie got rated a 10 by more than 38% of the watchers!

In one of the reviews MDL user DramaAddiction writes:

“Don’t think of it as just a war film, because it is so much more than that. You will really appreciate it, and plus it’s based on a true story, which makes it even more interesting/heartbreaking. So give it a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed.”

And she states that right: this is way more than a movie. That’s why this movie is ranked at 16th of the top movies.

May 18


Country: South Korea     Year: 2007     Genres: Action, Military, Historical, Life, Drama

A true story about a village in Gwanju. Students protest against the new military rule led by Chun Doo-Hwan and demand a democratic government. But after the protests the new military uses brutal force against the students. Not only students, but innocent bystanders are also in danger. When this is shown to the media a disgusting truth is revealed, and the people band together and take a stand against the military.

This movie is not well known, approx. 290+ MDL’ers have watched this, and I think this should be higher, because it is an amazing movie, and it will move you!

This is my own review on this movie:

"This is an amazing movie. The acting is superb. I believed everyone, and how they reacted to the situations where so real. Sometimes in movie you'll think 'Hell no, nobody would respond like that'. Well in this movie they will show you how you really would respond in such situation.

You are going to feel with the characters. You will sometimes smile (tiny funny parts in the movie, but they are really acceptable) and in others you will hold in your breath.

The story is sad, really, really sad because this is a movie based on a real event. And when you didn't know about this (me from the EU) you'll get interested in the movie and will do some investigations, at least I did.

But in the movie, I'd loved some more background information, maybe that would have made the movie better.

Anyway this is a really good movie, you won't regret watching this!"

Have you seen these movies? What do you think? And if not, will you try them out now?

editor's note: If there are movies that you think people should see, then please send a message to rosefae72. Maybe you can see your weekend movie recommendations featured as an article on MDL!